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Ganabol Issue


Hi guys,

For my next cycle I planned the following:

Week 1-13: 500mg Test E (with front load 1st day and 250 E3D)
Week 1-12: 400mg Bold (with front load and 200 E3D)
Week 1-4: Dbol 30mg ED
2 weeks after last inject: Nolva PCT

Last week I received my gear and the dealer seems to have misunderstood my order. He gave me Ganabol 50 (vet bold dosed at 50mg/cc)

This is giving me a headache... To reach 400mg a week I would need to inject 8ml every week above the 2ml Test thus 10 ml / week. I find this a little too much for me personally.

I have the following questions:

1)Would 200mg of Ganabol a week actually do something? Injecting 4cc a week instead of 8 seems tolerable for me.

2) Since Bold needs to be dosed around 400 to 600mg a week I'm in doubt: should I just drop the boldenone (Ganabol) and increase the Test E to 750mg/week (I have plenty of Test)?

I will not buy extra Ganabol because that means more oil in my butt. Trading the Ganabol for UG Boldenone at 200mg/cc is not an option since that dealer only shows himself for large(r) orders.




400mg/wk was already a pretty meager dose.

Move that stuff and get something else.


I dont understand why people insist on running 12 week cycles at low doses.

Run 750mg test for 8 weeks and enjoy the gains and recovery.


Ok BONEZ, thank you for your input. I will run the 750mg for 8-9 weeks and the dbol from week 1-4.

About the ganabol: the oil seems very thick and not as clear as human grade Test E. A friend of mine has used it and he said it felt like pushing hair gel into your butt, very unpleasant.