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Gamma Pharmaceuticals Generic Dbol & Winny

Hi there,

I’ve been a lurker for a while but this is my first post.

Just getting ready to start my first cycle. For various reasons not worth chatting about here, I have decided on the 2 on 4 off protocol as per Bill roberts.

Anyways, I have bought winny and Dbol tabs off my source. I’ll be using the Dbol (50mg ED)with TA (50mg ED with 125mg FL) in this cycle and the winny in an upcoming cycle.

My question is about the winny and Dbol tabs. My source (who I totally trust not to knowingly sell me fakes - he’s a friend), advises me that they are generics (5mg) from Gamma pharmaceuticals.

I googled gamma pharmaceuticals. They dont have a website and there’s not much info on them but it seems to appear (from small bits of info on various websites) that they are a pharmaceutical company operating out of Zambia.I have never heard of this brand and a search on T-mag has yielded no success.

The pills also come in a blister-pack so that would reassure me a little that they are not fakes.

Anyone any experience with this brand??
I live in Europe so possible they may not be as readily available in the states.

I suppose theres only one way to find out if they’re legit (swallow 'em) but I’d like as much info as I can get first.

Thanks I appreciate it,