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Anyone ever heard of this? Any experience with it? It "appears" to be somewhat well referenced, but who knows. Any opinions GREATLY appreciated!


"Gamma Oryzanol (Gamma-O)


The use of herbal extractsto enhance athletic performance has been studied and practiced for thousands ofyears. Gamma Oryzanol was one of the first plant sterols to be studied for it'seffectiveness as a steroid.

The effects of GammaOryzanol (Gamma-O) are comparable to those of anabolic steroids and andro orpro-hormone products. The chemical structure of Gamma Oryzanol is in 2 parts,or actually two molecules in one. The largest part is the sterol and the otheris ferulic acid.

Gamma-O has a variety ofuses specifically designed to work in conjunction with bodybulders andathletes, Gamma-O is the most powerful form of Gamma Oryzanol that can beabsorbed by the human body. Gamma-O has been scientifically as well asclinicaly proven to naturally increase testosterone levels by up to 800%, andrelease more endorphins that lower stress and cortisol levels. The increase intestosterone and endorphins aids in the growth of lean muscle tissue whileburning off unwanted fat without the harmful side effects of steroids,pro-hormone or andro products.

Competitive bodybuilders,powerlifters and football players on Gamma-O increased strength, increasedmuscle girth gains, reduced body fat, enhanced energy during workouts andreduced post-workout soreness.

Gamma Oryzanol is acombination of substances found in rice bran oil. In Japan, it is a widelyaccepted fact that rice bran oil contains many beneficial traits. These traitshave been difficult to duplicate in supplements, due to the fact that the humanbody does not absorb the extracts in powder form. We at Gamma Enterprises havedeveloped a unique process of transforming the powder extract into a liquidemulsion now known as Gamma-O.


Gamma Oryzanol works on thehypothalamus in the brain which, through its control of the pituitary glandgoverns a number of the body?s automatic functions, including temperaturecontrol, water balance and hormonal regulation. The hormones include the sexhormones - testosterone in the male and estrogen in the female.

Reports prove that GammaOryzanol increases testosterone production, and increase lean body mass. Researchershave also observed that fatty tissue appears to decrease when Gamma Oryzanol isused as a supplement.

There have been experimentsin which gamma oryzanol given to woman has brought about a significantreduction of the symptoms of menapause - without the need for extra hormones ormedicines.

Source - The Complete HomeEncyclopedia of FOOD MIRACLES

William H. Lee, Ph.D /Stephen Langer, MD / James F. Sheer / David A. Keiper

The Liquid Formula

An extract from rice branoil, Gamma Oryzanol supplies ferulic acid. Japanese researchers have studiedferulic acid as a treatment for many disorders, including menopause. It appearsto enhance the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system and to promoteendorphin release by the hypothalamus-actions which may regulate blood vesseltone and influence hormonal release patterns. In studies, over half the womenwho took between 20 mg and 300 mg of gamma oryzanol daily had a 50% or greaterreduction in menopausal symptoms, especially hot flashes and anxiety. Gammaoryzanol has proven to be safe and non-toxic.

Source - Nutrition ScienceNews - August 1997 - Volume 2. # 8

Gamma Oryzanol - The LiquidFormula

The effects of GammaOryzanol are comparable to those of anabolic steroids. The chemical structureis in 2 parts, or actually two molecules in one. The largest part is a steroland the other is ferulic acid.

Several anecdotal reportsfrom competitive bodybuilders, powerlifters and football players have evidencedincreased strength, reduced body fat, enhanced energy during workouts andreduced post-workout soreness.

One study, performed at theMilwaukie Sports Clinic at Milwaukie, Oregon compared anabolic steroid users toathletes using 500 mg of Gamma Oryzanol. Both groups were engaged inweightlifting (?zero effect method?) for a six month period. Girth measurementswere recorded every 8 weeks. Initially, anabolic steroid users showed greatergains in girth measurements, but by 16 weeks Gamma Oryzanol users exhibitedgreater measurement increases than steroid users. Gamma Oryzanol users also hadgreater muscle definition and leaner appearances than steroids.

This initial studydemonstrated that supplementation with Gamma Oryzanol was more successful thananabolic steroid use for maintaining muscle girth gains from weight trainingprograms. Researchers concluded that the supplement used (Gamma Oryzanol) was aviable and safe alternative to anabolic steroids.

Other studies have definedother benefits to utilizing Gamma Oryzanol. When taken with meals, subjectsobserved decreases in elevated serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels. GammaOryzanol should be taken with meals to allow interaction between sterols andcholesterol.

In addition to loweringcholesterol, Gamma Oryzanol also maintains anti-stress effects. Reductions instress were seen even with relatively low doses of Gamma Oryzanol ( 300 mg perday) in clinical trials.

Source - Nutrition For TheEquine Athlete / William E. Jones, Ph.D

Herbal - Gamma Oryzanol -The Liquid Formula

The use of herbal extractsto enhance athletic performance has been studied and practiced for thousands ofyears. The active component of several botanical products have been shown toelicit an anabolic or lean tissue growth effect. The athlete?s primary purposewhen first undergoing a strength training program is to gain weight, in theform of additional muscle; and therefore increase muscle strength.

Increasing the levels ofTestosterone and Growth Hormone is a primary goal. Studies have shown thatthese hormone levels do indeed rise when utilized in conjunction with anintensive weight training regimen. When ingested, these compounds are primarymaterials essential for the creation of other molecules necessary for properbody function.

Oral administration ofthese concentrated sources of naturally occurring plant sterols contributes toan increased rate of anabolic activity for the individual. By consuming anemulsified liquid concentrate, the surface area increases over 200 times andabsorption is greatly enhanced.

Gamma oryzanol was one ofthe first plant sterols to be studied for its anabolic effect as a steroidsubstitute. It was discovered that this component of rice bran oil hasstimulative growth effects on subjects that ingested pure supplements of gammaoryzanol.

Source - Jay J. Raifman,MS, CFT

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Yeah, I have heard of this before. But not of anyone who has used it. And I haven't used it myself. I can say that I was looking around at a "vet supply" site and they have this stuff as a supplement for horses and cattle. So, what does that mean? I don't know. They are trying to say that people use this stuff with race-horses for "muscular support", but then to go on to say "used by professional bodybuilders". So, I don't know what the deal is.


Not that it makes it safe for humans, but since you have seen vet supply places carry it I wonder if it does have some merit...

Anyone else?