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Does anyone know anything about gamma-o. On this mma site…theres a banner promoting it. I clicked on it and it’s a testosterone booster. It claims to boost testosterone by 800%. Anyone know anything about this stuff? I’m not interested in buying it…just curious if its for real. In the ad it states it rivals the effects of prohormones and steroids (LOL). Im pretty sure its bs but just wanted to get your guys input.

I posted the same question in another forum

one of the quotes was “Body-builders have tried gamma-oryzanol supplements to boost their performance, but clinical trials indicate that this is fruitless.”

I’m not sure if Gamma-O is developed differently from the actual Gamma-Oryzanol, but I figured I would give it a try. I ordered a bottle and plan on trying it. I’ll keep you posted.

A did a little digging of my own (bow down before the almighty Google)…


I emboldened the text that I thought was most “interesting”. So, yeah, um…good luck with that King6. :wink: