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Gaming Laptop - help

Oldest bricked his laptop.

Wants a “gaming” laptop. Will also run CAD and other various graphics.

Would like to keep around $900.

Please school me Nerd Masters of TNation

A gaming laptop for under $900 bahahahahaha…

I’m a console guy, but it seems like a lot of gamers use Alienware. It looks like 1 or 2 are about $900.

Check out TigerDirect too.


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The biggest factor is going to be the GPU, for mobile gaming you want Nvidia, and for something that will handle modern games you want a GTX 965m or higher (ideally 970m, or 980m)… under $1000, you’re going to have to buy a refurb.

Here’s what I’d recommend:

IF you’re hard and fast at $900, then:

IF you want something that’ll exceed expectations and have a little wiggle room, then:

IF I were buying a new gaming laptop today:

Step down to a GTX 960, and they get a lot cheaper, and you’ll be able to afford something new… but you might get some performance complaints. i.e this one:

Further advice… for brand, stick to ASUS or MSI. Alienware/HP/Dell, you’ll be paying for branding, Leveno or Acer (or some unknown mfg) and you’ll likely get a poorly made piece of shit.

Lemme know if you need any further help (been gaming on laptops for over a decade)…