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Gaming and All Its Glory

Wut you playing these days? There are some amazing games out right now it’s hard to keep up.

I’m grinding away at Rainbow 6 Siege and Battlefield One but am also in the middle of a throwback - Metro 2033 Redux (2033 and Last Light) while also reading the books (yes that’s about as dorky as it gets). Just finished Sniper Elite 4 which was suprisingly awesome. Looking forward to picking up Ghost Recon Wildlands.

So many good games on the near horizon too - Mass Effect, Morrowind Online (I cannot wait for this - Morrowind is a top 10 for me), Injustice 2, and more.

On a side note, I’m coming up on 50,000 achievements - my biggest accomplishment in life to date (obviously).

What are you playing and what’s on your radar?

Tried to stop gaming to actually achieve goals. Fallout keeps bringing me back. Stepping into a world of post apocalyptic anarchy is where it’s at for me.


When I get time I play GTA5.

I’m with @Basement_Gainz, stopped for a while because we had a kid never got back into it.

I read a fuck ton now.

Yeah, me too. I really try (key word) to fit it all in. I try limit time as an excuse as much as possible, but I hear you. Everything in moderation.

I use to play a lot myself, but like everyone else just don’t have the time anymore. I’ve put 5 or 6 hours into Horizon Zero Dawn and it’s pretty incredible. The Fallouts and Elder Scrolls have taken their toll on me as well… I’m looking forward to Morrowind online and have Mass Effect on Pre-order.

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Right now I have a 10 strength no weapons leather jacket wearing character named “Samson” in Fallout 2 that is killing everything he sees at level 16.


Over the summer when I had a lot of spare time (student) I put in a lot of hours on Halo 5 and Fallout 4. Other than those I’m playing Battlefield One a lot recently when I’m home and Skyrim or Fallout New Vegas if I get the old 360 out. I’ve got probably 500+ combined hours on those last two, mostly walking around aimlessly. Battlefield 4 was also big one for me too.

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I quit gaming when I got married… but recently “stole” my brothers’ xbox 360 and occasionally play GTA V or Fallout New Vegas when the wife is out.


New Vegas is probably my favorite game ever. I wish Obsidian would buy the fallout franchise from Bathesda.

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Question to all: nowadays you can do whatever you want in video games.

Do you play as a good guy or bad guy?

I have way more fun being totally evil.

New Vegas is the only Fallout i’ve played. I just like that my buzzed non-discretionary choices can alter the game… Like when I reenacted the season opener of TWD.

I actually find the ability to be evil in current games to be limited compared to the past.

I could literally kill everyone in the first Fallout game. Skyrim’s unkillable PCs really broke immersion for me. Let ME deal with the consequences of killing the king in the opening scene of the game.


On the other hand it can be quite satisfying killing particularly annoying characters several times, especially seeing them fly in the air from fire runes.

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It’s cathartic, but without real consequence. Like something I would use cheat codes to do.


I have that Pac-man game set with Galaga. Man, we use to have some wicked Galaga tournaments. My wife sucks at those games though, so now they’re kind of one sided. She didn’t even know about the beam thingy and getting your ship back.

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In New Vegas you can kill anyone other than children. You can literally murder every faction leader and eat them and still finish the game.

Technically Yes Man dies but ports into another securitron and he isn’t upset you tried to kill him. He’s a safety valve so overly homicidal players can still get an ending.

Personally I’d like to see a game where all NPC’s are killable, but there are huge consequences for being stupid. Like if you double cross too many factions they all rise as one and smite you.

I played a lot of NV and enjoyed it. Definitely back to the spirit of the originals.

You can kill EVERYONE, old ladies included, in GTA…

There’s no consequences though.

All the Fallout games are pretty awesome but the newer versions are becoming complete regurgitateations of previous versions IMO. They need to change it up for the next release, not just a different city.