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GAMETIME Strength Clinic 2008

Greetings T-Nation and all brothers and sisters in iron. This is just an informative post about the upcoming Gametime Strength Clinic happening this January in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. This is the first of many in the years to come by Gametime. The clinics have been manifested by some great coaches who wanted to take a grass roots approach to bringing outstanding, applicable information to coaches at all levels, especially those coaches who do not normally have the resources or credentials to attend some of the larger scientific conferences.

The plan is to give an athlete focused, science based, coach driven, approach to developing your programs. Not alot of bs, just what to do and how to do it. we have many of the biggest and most respected names in the business on board, one or two of which may be T-Nation authors. hint hint. the rates are great, the knowledge aplenty, and the location and atmosphere guarantees a first class great time.

Please come and join us this year, and for years to come. For all information, registration, speaker line-up, etc, visit www.gametimeclinics.com