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Gamer Tags for Xbox 360

I know there is a thread out with this already, but I figured it would need an update. It would be awesome to play and talk to some of my fellow weight lifting brothers.

My tag is Drotti46

CaptainSpackle, though I’m down with the red ring of death at the moment. Send me a friend request and I’ll accept as soon as I get back on.


Ivan Lector

it’s silver at the moment, was gold before, and I plan on upgrading it again, but funds are sort of limited at this current point in time


GunnarStaal - the dude from the Mighty Ducks. I play COD4 and Halo3 mostly, and some NHL08 from time to time.

beebuddy hasn’t played in awhile, but may make an appearance this weekend.

Got my 360 back today – let’s play.


staple gun 666 im a beast at halo 3

[quote]hazarddude334 wrote:
staple gun 666 im a beast at halo 3[/quote]

im not really into halo 3, but look up Oz Munchkin on bungie.net he is a level 50 or something absurd, that’s my brothers tag.


Steve Br0 is my tag. and its spelt with a zero

SubliminalSteve (surprising huh? lol)


awulikeit-- also down with the red ring of death…

MD Geist86

blaze xssm

bump for tags.
I play a lot of Cod4 and some Cod5. On most nights 7-10.

Occasional GTA 4 free roam as well. SuperGT > any other car.

(all one word)
i play left4dead (with a mic!) mostly from bout 8pmGMT if im not going ut