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Gamer Looking to Avoid Health Problems


So, I play video games upwards of 12 hours a day.

How do I make this as healthy as absolutely possible?

My diet is already great.

My exercise regimen is already great.

I've already perfected my sitting posture, and have gathered that a mixture of sitting and standing gaming is best.

What I am seeking to know here is how often I should take a break from games and what should I do during said period (what staple, essential, dynamic stretches/exercises/whatever should I do to absolutely null all probability of me developing health problems that could potentially be tied to gaming?).


How in Gods name can you game 12 hours a day?


Generate all needed electricity using a recumbant bicycle.


Plenty of guys sit on here, pressing F5 for 12 hours a day and seem to be making crazy gains.

Maybe they will chime in and help?


Ya, it's really no different than any desk job.




what games



better be a good game like Dota2 or something lol.



Sounds like you're perfectly fine. Stop worrying about it.


+1 Heroes of Newerth.


Also cracking up at CC's gif LOL!


Invest in a pair of Gunnar Optiks glasses. I have pair for work and one for home and it makes a huge difference in eye strain.


My diets good bro...

Hot pockets supply will not run out.


Do they actually work? Thet're like $100 bucks.


You can find deals online (ebay etc) for much less. Plus the costs depends on the type of frame you choose.

But yes, they do work. I thought it was a bunch of BS but was sold within 1 minute of putting them on. Now, half of the department at work wears them. If you are someone who games (PC or Console) and/or someone who's job involves looking at a screen for hours on end, these will benefit you bigtime.


You should take a break after 90 minutes, and go read a book, ride a bike, lift some weights, volunteer at an animal or homeless shelter, go paddle boarding or kayaking, learn a foreign language, paint a room, babysit a niece or nephew, meditate, write a letter (on paper) to someone who's impacted you positively, learn chess, come up with ideas for a part time business, walk your dog, develop short, medium, and long term goals, go outside and start a conversation with 5 strangers, ask a girl out (or a guy if that's your thing), find 5 belongings to donate to charity, clean our your closet of anything you haven't worn in the last year, etc.

Then come back the next day and do it again.





I love games more than most people, but get a fucking life.