Text Message Scam

I am extremely pissed off as I just recieved a strange text message… providing me with ‘game cheats’. When I opened the message… another message was sent to my phone that said:

“Gaming Alerts. $9-99/mo subscription. Renewal is 25. Reply STOP to cancel, toll-free 1-888-351-6703, fir help. Std. rates apply.”

Once I opened this message… $10 was instantly subtracted from my phone’s account balance. I just topped up my phone today and to say I am pissed would probably be an understatement.

I did some searching around and found this: is a legit site. But there is a company pretending to be that lures you into opening text messages and charges money from your account.

The really annoying part is that I opened it. There is no way on my phone to view the sender before I open a message… so I was essentially screwed the minute I got it. Of course I was going to open the text, you know?

I pay for unlimited texting too… so of course I would open any message without thinking twice. And that is what pisses me off the most. I opened a message and got charged $10 for it. Gah.

When I got the message about a game cheat… that should’ve raised red flags I suppose. But having this never happen to me before… I was unaware this could even happen. Not being able to view senders really also helped the problem. If I had seen the same number twice… perhaps I would not have opened the message that prompted the charging of my account.

I will be calling my cell phone provider with a complaint and I will tell them what happened. Hopefully I can get my money back (yeah, yeah. I AM pissed about $10. Gimme a break. I work a crappy part time job). I just wanted to raise awareness and to warn others.

Younever signed anything so they cant take the money… period, call your company, tell them it is a phone scam and you wont have to pay.

Bad news. Virgin mobile won’t refund my money because they feel it isn’t their responsibility. All they did was block the number for me.

Apparently because I did not reply to the message… I lose the right to be refunded. So some random asshole just got my money and I can’t get it back.

I guess it’s not the end of the world. $10. But talk about freaking annoying and frustrating.

I guess just everybody else remember that. I think bigger companies like AT&T might be more understanding though.

Hope this stops somebody from having the same happen to them! :wink: