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Game Strength


I am the best football player at my high school. Many people say I can go pro and I have some good recruiting schools. I am know for sure that I am stronger than everyone in my school. I can knock the shit out of anyone, but in the weight room I am weak. Most people can use more weight than I can. In a game I can throw 250 lb people over my head without even trying. Its a lot different in the weight room. Can someone tell me what this means and how to fix it. I'm going to start Westside training this week.


your gonna get flamed hard, way to cocky for a first post.


...and your reason for saying this portion is....???


what do you mean? You can throw 250lb guys over your head on the field yet in the weight room can't pick up the 40lb bar?


I only have one thing to add to this thread, don't snort extra strong chilli powder.


Do you throw these guys over your head with 1 arm or 2? Throwing them with just one tends to have more carryover value into the weightroom.


If your goal is to be a good football player and you possess the strength on the field, who gives a shit what little weight you do in the gym.

I'd rather be really strong in the game and weak in the gym rather than vice versa.


You know you are stronger than anyone in your school... but you are weak in the weight room? Ummm... so maybe you [i]aren't[/i] stronger than everyone in your school?

Your post is confusing, to say the least. You really need to give us some numbers to work with before we can even try to help you (assuming we get past your high school punk attittude). I'm with alstan... how do you throw a 250 lbs guy over your head but cannot lift much in the weight room?

But congratulations on your monk-like modesty. I'm sure it will serve you well.


Really I am not weak. I might have been overexagerating but it was late (I posted at 1:37 AM) and I get mad when I'm tired. I go through the list of questions. I throw these people over my head with 2 arms. My bench is 315, squat 500, and deadlift 585 for a round 1400 total. Some people say that this is good but I am still not happy with it. I'm sorry for my attitude but that's the way I am.




Height? Weight? Current program? Current diet? I'm not sure what you want people to tell you when you leave out everything including your lift numbers in the original post.


I already said I got a bench of 315, squat 500, and deadlift 585. I am 6'2" at 223 pounds. I got the Brooks Kubik Dinosaur Training and did that for a while. Did the 5x5 program and then I started do sets of 2 reps until I failed and tried to do that set again. I'm going to start some of the westside program Dave Tate wrote up. I eat pretty much anything I want but I try to gain weight. My mom cooks healthy foods. To gain weight I eat tuna, pasta, raisins, eggs, and peanut butter rollups.


Weren't these the last words of Bertil Fox and Craig Titus before they had their incidents?




Now that was good. Of course, I was half way through before getting it...but again, nicely done.


I guess no one wants to sincerely help.


Prolly (probably) becuase you started off by boasting how people say you're going to go pro and your highly recruited and such a bad ass and can knock the shit out of people. The Nation hates that shit. Search Babalu.

It's all good though man, just keep lifting!


wtf sorry bout that, I just read the second post i made, meant for a completely different thread, how the fuck did i manage that? must have been pressing the back button or something..


Doesn't sound like you need much help bro, good luck with your endeavors.


So let me get this straight you bench 315, squat 500, and dead 585, yet most people at your H.S. lift more than you. BS stick it in your ear.