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Game Plan


Can I get some help deciphering CT's Game Plan article from last week? If I were to use a twice a week program (upper,lower,off,upper,lower,off,off) workout program in the 100 rep range. Does that mean I split 100 reps between the 2 upper body days and another 100 reps between the 2 lower body days? I have always counted sets for determining volume, not reps, so thanks for helping me clarify this.


You got it!


Okay. So I am using the 50reps (twice a week) for the entire upper body? Not 50 for chest and 50 for back? What about arms?



Re-read the article. CT was talking about doing a set number of reps per week per muscle group, not for upper or lower body. So it'd be 50 reps for chest, 50 for back, 50 for biceps, etc.


McClinch-so I will do 50 for chest and 50 for back and 50 for arms each upper body day? And following that logic I would be doing 50 for hams, 50 for quads and 50 for calves and 50 for abs on my lowerbody days. Is that right? Can anybody else give some insight please?



That looks exactly right. That's not even all that high volume, compared to many routines out there. The other thing to note is that they don't have to be max-effort reps or anything near it. You could have a heavy day and a light day, for example, where you're blasting it for low reps of high sets on your heavy day, but your light day is 3x8 or even 2x12 for two exercises per muscle group.


No, that is not right. Quads/hams would be considered legs, therefore one bodypart.


sorry, one last question. I understand the upperbody part. Help me construct a lowerbody routine. Tues I am planning box squats 10x2 and Thur I am planning box squats at a higher rep range, like 4x6 or 3x8. What other supplemental work, other than calves, can I incorporate. Or what else should I focus on? Maybe some lunges to hit the quads a little? Thanks again guys it has been an eye opener and some insight to why I have slowed on the gains!



Interesting; that's not how I would have looked at legs. I'm interested in why you're considering "thighs" as a muscle group instead of looking at it as quad-dominant and hip-dominant or quad-dominant and hamstring-dominant.


What are your training goals? Bodybuilding? Sport-specific? Your lower body days are going to look very different based on your goals.


McClinch you're right. What I am trying to do currently is shed some fat. My diet has been tiering down on the carbs, and at it's lowest I never go below 150g. Right now I am leaning towards more of a strength training "idea" with lower reps to maintain while I am dieting. I am trying to keep what strength I do have during this diet. That is why I was considering the boxsquats at a 10x2 on Tues and something a little higher in rep scheme for Fri, like 4x6. This way it mixes it up, but won't kill me w/ lowered calorie intake. However, I would like input on the other end of the spectrum for BB purposes. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your reposts and in advance to this reply. Props to you.