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Game Plan: Operation No-Cupcake



Full body work out every second day accompanded by stuffing in swimming as pre-work cardiovasculater and inter-daily training. Constant walking, movement, breath work and agility exercises such as sprints, shadow boxxing and neuro-skeletal thought processes. If that makes any sense, this is operation cup cake.

Im just taking the cake.

I am scottish-canadian by the way and I forgot to mention that as well as the CANI mentality I am implementing, in all seriousness. Is… besides the bullshit my AUTHENTIC PERSUIT OF A PSYCHOLOGIST. Just Kidding, MUSCLE. My name is David and I am here on T-Nation to kick ass and to improve my overall physique coming from a place of poverty and prior to these days having been totally over weight or anemically skinny I am now GORGING myself like a cave man.

My training goal at present is to achieve a perfect body hidden underneath baggy clothes like a muslim, I am preparing to unsheath my naked self like a sword of lust. Kidding. Okay I am in the process of Operation No-Cupcake follow me along this miraculous journey.

So far so good.



Chang Lee, is that you?

IT is I. Red Pouncing Tiger

IT is I. Chang Lee Once Again.