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Game of Thrones: Season 2 Trailer


I created a separate thread so people who haven't read all the books yet can avoid spoiler posts like in the other GoT thread.





dont be an ass, read the books!

shit aside the series did well to stay on tract and follow book 1. However, each book gets longer and expands to more characters so I definitely recommend reading the books. They are not too long and are smooth reads. give yourself a little time each night and youll blow by them in a few days per book.


I'm kind of disappointed that I read the books without all of them being out. Not a fan of having to wait, never knowing if or when he will finish. Great series, but I wonder if they will drag it out over seven or eight years.


hopefully due to the contract he has with the television series he will be forced to finish the books soon.

I didnt get into the books until the first season came out so luckily I was just able to read them back to back during the summer.


I don't know about the contract, but I feel like the guy waited and waited and waited until he could REALLY cash in on the next book. Hopefully, as every season ends, he'll release another book, hopefully increasing sales of both products (and hurrying up his old ass).



Did you read a dance with dragons yet? It wasn't out yet this summer.




Yes it was... it Came out to the states in July and Europe late July/early August. I read the first four throughout June while i was studying abroad and then picked up A Dance with Dragons before i headed back to the states. I liked ADWD even though a lot of people reviewed it poorly, however I disliked a Feast for Crows. Still a good book, but worst one of the series so far.

*Edit ADWD is the most epic of them all :slight_smile:


Yes he is in contract with the station, So he has to have the books done eventually haha. Sucks that we are only on book two so he still has some sweet time. I think it is a mistake to wait long, anything past 1-2 years and I feel you start losing more fans versus the new ones you pick up. Luckily the series has done a great job to stick with the story so a "revival" of A Song of Fire and Ice is in the making ha


Well they are not super short if you are comparing them to something like the friggin Hunger Games. They do however read very smoothly and are easy to stay focused on minus first 2 chp's of A Game of Thrones. Compared to the sorts of Biographies, Case Notes, ect you read in Undergrad and Grad school, they are a piece of freshly made cheese cake.


Yeah, I figured that was some kind of veiled brag.


This is exactly the reason I have not picked up the books yet. I love reading. With a passion. I've always been one of those "the book is better than the movie/show" snobs. However, I can't stand having to wait months to find out what happens on TV shows, let alone years for a book series. So I'm waiting at least until the final book is close to release to start. And from what I hear about George R.R. Martin, I will be waiting a long time before I ever start this series (if he ever even finishes it, that is).