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Game of Thrones 2: A Clash of Kings


Premiers tomorrow April 12 @ 9pm

2nd book was really good, hopefully they stay as true to it as they did in the first season.

Ours is the Fury


I'm so psyched. I've read up to half way on a feast for crows but that book seems very different than the previous few. I'm having a hard time getting through it, with the completely different POV characters. The thing I really like about the show is that they can add scenes that don't necessarily require a POV character.


Looking forward to it.

The series pales in comparison to the books, but I really do like the way Petyr Baelish is being played. In my opinion, he is the only character that stepped it up from book to screen, though I've been meaning to reread the series to see if I glossed over his hilarity during my initial read.

Bronn ain't bad either, actually. Most of the other characters are, more or less, what I pictured from the books... which, given how much they need to cram into each episode, is pretty impressive.

I'm curious as to how the series has been received by people who aren't familiar with GRRM's work. I definitely feel that reading the books beforehand gave me a better ability to appreciate everything that happens on screen.


Another thing -- given how SLOOOOOOOOW GRRM is in churning out new books, the show will undoubtedly catch up to him before he finishes the series unless he steps up his game.

Does anyone know what the game plan is as far as that goes? Is GRRM gonna start publishing work faster than once every 5 - 10 years? Will the show grind to a halt as the series stretches out to accommodate his writing pace? Are the writers just gonna do their own thing when the time comes?

Does GRRM have a contingency plan in place for when he dies of a heart attack? That is a serious question and a legitimate concern -- the guy is no spring chicken and is carrying around far too much extra weight to be taking his sweet time with this series.

I mean, his love of food IRL is bleeding into the books in an almost comical fashion... kinda a red flag there, I think.


I'm really excited about Season 2. I've finished A Dance With Dragons, so I need this to tide me over until the arrival of the sixth book!

I agree, anonym, Petyur Baelish is excellent in the TV show.


I did read that GRRM has told the writers of the TV show a few major plot points in case he dies before he finishes the books. I think I read it on Wikipedia.


I remember buying A Feast For Crows in 2005, having waited a few years for THAT and thinking 'at least ADWD is soon'


As for the TV series, looks good, I'm especially looking forward to Davos Seaworth's portrayal. And especially the younger Baratheon and the 'you-know what'


I think this season goes beyong the story of A Clash of Kings and has a little bit of A Storm of Swords in it.

AWDW is way too big and is full of these little trivial details for only Season, so I guess GRRM will have plenty of time to write the rest of the story. If I'm not mistake, he is working with HBO, so I guess they'll wait for him if he is too slow to release a new book.

What worries me is, every book was better than it's predecessor, maybe the reason GRRM takes years to finish a book is because he doesn't rushes through the story to meet deadlines. I wonder if HBO will push him into writting faster and therefor, causing Winds of Winter to suck balls.

Also another thing I realized ( since I'm too lazy to go bump the old thread where theories about the story where posted ), all of Westeros is kind of fucked. The war caused all lords to deplete their food granaries, winter is upon everyone, there won't be food, the wall is gonna face a civil war ( since they killed the only man keeping the wildlings in check ) the Others are gathering beyong the wall and Cersei has the throne again. Srly, next book will be an interesting one.


You're on the money with that love of food sneaking into the books.

I get hungry reading his books (as well as some other fantasy authors...funny how many detail the food so much) and their mention of roast pork and buttered potatoes and sweet mead and oh man I'm drooling on my keyboard now.


he split up the character POV in a feast for crows. when you get to a dance with dragons youll notice he gives the other side of the stores POV and then goes on with the new storyline. I wonder how long it will take for the 6th book. hopefully knowing that he has to get it out for the hbo series will speed it along.


yeah, its a lot of characters to try and memorize if you havnt read the books.

I think that the Clegane are portrayed perfect. Sandor is a fucking beast, and the hound is legit for his purpose


Though GRRM includes a lot of characters I think it's not completely necessary to always rememebr who everyone is....GRRM is good at giving a little reinder through dialog or exposition who a character is.

I've read the first four books and will pick up A Dance with Dragons likely this week in paperback and when people here say they think Clegane is great or they hate Dontos or whatnot I can't even really remember who those characters are, yet I know I get along with the story just fine.


Spoilers GRRM reading part of the new Victarion chapter skip to 30:50.


I hadn't read the books, and had avoided all talk about the first season until a few weeks ago when I picked it up on Blu ray.

From the fist episode I was hooked and I ended up watching all 10 episodes over 2 days. The show is amazing IMO, although since I have not read the books, I do struggle with new characters names at first. I had the same problem with LOTR, though.

Now I'm probably going to avoid this thread in case people bring up stuff from the books before they occur on the show.


That was awesome. Thanks for the post.


Quick question... I haven't read the first book, only watched the first season and the season 2 Opener a few hours ago. If I start reading the second book, am I going to missing anything?


As far as not reading the first book? Yea, not reading the first book.

HBO did a great job adapting the first book into the first series, but it wasn't a perfect adaptation. It's really difficult to transpose everything in Game of Thrones books onto film. In the books you get a glimpse into the inner thoughts, feelings, and minds of the POV characters and get to experience their motivations and emotions. You miss out on that type of thing when just watching the the show (even though the actors do a great job, as well as the directors).


For instance, in the first book, the part where Dani "hatches" her dragons is much more powerful than it was on the show. You feel like you're in her head hearing her thoughts as she's going through the process of entering the pyre to hatch the eggs, where as on the show you're literally just watching it.


It's a much more encompassing experience reading the book over watching the show.


Sandor is The Hound.


***Edit gregor (sp), regardless you get the point moron, both clegane brothers are giants among men which is exactly how they are portrayed in the book. I thought those were perfect castings


good 1st episode.


I've never seen a baby get murdered like that on TV. lol. Me and all my friends were all like... :open_mouth: