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Game Day at Tiger Stadium


Who else is pumped as hell about this??

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!


I guess all the fans except me are tailgating.


Woo Pig Sooie........Sadly

I can't wait for Ark vs. LSU but we are gonna get killed.


Don't you mean "Geaux Tigers!"?


Yes, I do.


Quite likely.


Halftime 17 -7

I missed much of the first half because The Producers was on. Springtime for Hitler always trumps schoolboy games.


That was a helluva football game. Beats the hell out of the usual blowouts.



Go tigers!


uhhh how did we lose so badly?? PLEASE fire Tommy!!


This game finished just like I thoght it would. Tigers come from behind for the win. GEAUX TIGERS!!!!! USC lost to Stanford......John David Booty is an SEC reject.

Making the road trip to Alabama. Fuck Saban!!!!!!!!


I am in fucking heaven right now. LSU wins and USC loses.

LSU is the undisputed 1# team in college football right now.



Not just "fuck Saban", BUTT FUCK SABAN THE DOUCHE.

The fucker had it made here in Baton Rouge. But he wanted more in the NFL, and didn't get it, so he slithers back into the NCAA. And goes to LSU's most hated rival, Bama. Fuck that slimy ass to hell. The tide will be rolling out this year I'm afraid.


Saban is a great coach, but his loyalty will always be in question. He left LSU after a few years, and left the Dolphins after two years. He signed an 8-year deal with Alabama and I can almost guarantee he doesn't stay the whole time, especially if another big job (USC, Florida, Ohio State, etc.) comes open.

Saban is made for the college game. He should have seen what Spurrier did with the Redskins and not made the same choice to to take the Dolphins job. His iron fist doesn't fly in the NFL like it does in college.


Exactly. I can't put it into better words.

On a another note


Suck it USC.


I knew Florida was going to lose this game. We didn't expect the Auburn loss. However, after watching this game during the first half and seeing the Gators up 24-14 through the third quarter, I had some hope that they could pull it off.

Unfortunately, they did exactly what they've done in the past three games (and now two losses): They have only played for half the game.

In the Auburn game, they didn't do anything for the first half, but came out in the second half to score enough to tie the game, but then lost it after giving up the ball on their last possession.

In the LSU game, they played great the first half, but didn't adjust (or stay aggressive) in the second half. They didn't score or stop LSU during the entire time and made bad decisions toward the last few minutes (including not calling a time out to stop the clock).

So it ended as I feared it would.

It's unfortunate because they are highly talented and a lot better than they are currently playing. It all boils down to one thing: This team is still young and making mistakes.

But they will learn, and if they are lucky, they can still win their next four SEC games and go to the SEC championship for another shot at LSU in Atlanta. :wink:

At least they've managed to lose early, and they can rebound from this and end up going undefeated from here on out (even though I don't think they will with road games at Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina).

I also want to congratulate LSU coach Les Miles on the win and for doing what few college coaches do these days: Being aggressive and going for it!

Nice job! Hopefully, we will have a chance for that rematch in December.


Hey guys, ran across this. This is Tiger Football...... Enjoy.