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Let’s start this again. Nothing snappy to say, but I thought I’d post.

Goal: look less sloppy. (lose some BF)
Training Was: Waterbury Method (ran for 7 weeks according to log)
Training is: Waterbury’s 10x3 FFL starting in about 30 min when I get to the gym
Diet: I’m actually going high carbs (uh-oh!) Not recommended for others, but it seems to have been working for me. Been losing about 1.5 lbs/week since I started tracking properly.

Why I’m changing: Why in the world I was doing WM when trying to lose fat is beyond me. I looked at my own log and went WTF?!?

Why I’m starting a log again: I trying to do a little to make the place better. I owe the site a lot. Not sure if this log will actually do that, but I’ll try to post more in the serious threads/forums. This is one of them.

Who I am: just some old man who likes to lift weights. I like it here on the site.

Short-term goal: November. It’s kinda silly to lose BF with the fall coming, but I’m sloppy and that should stop. In November, my sister is getting married. The plan is to lose weight for awhile (180lbs, when I feel I “look good enough”, or November, whichever comes first).

Longer term: now-Nov: lose some fat. Nov-Mar: increase “performance” (fuzzy goal, need to nail it down before then). Mar-June: ??? maybe actually get cut up?

Where I’m at: 190lbs on the scale yesterday. 191.5 this morning. 5’6" tall. Lifts are pretty bad, probably around 300 Bench, 400 Squat and Dead. I’m old and not a powerlifter, so I probably won’t max anytime soon.

Enough, time to go to the gym.


Things are going well. Looking good in an extra medium shirt again. Lost a notch or so on my belt. Still 10 x3 FFL. Lost some scale weight. Been a bit looser with my diet and still seeing the results I want. Plan is to continue to lose 1 to 2 lbs per week.

Been a bit looser with the diet. Still seeing lbs go down.