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Gallon of Milk/Hour


My friend bets me that I couldn't drink a gallon of milk in an hour. I've heard the urban legend that you can't and I think its bullshit, haha. I don't think most people could, but most people are wimps.

I would of course drink whole milk because its delicious, and probably a couple hours after a work out. I would do it after a work out just because I crave milk the most then. This one time I came home from the gym and drank over a half gallon and I felt fine.

So is there anyone here that has already tried before?


Everybody here has done this. What are you waiting for?


I thought of this today when drinking my chocolate milk PWO (20oz). downed it like it was nothing. I'm sure I could do 5 more of those within an hour. :shrug:


i do it in my sleep... my bed smells like shit


Yes, and you will most likely fail unless you're already drinking much more than a gallon a day or have come close to the gallon/hour mark. And use skim, dumbass.

The first half gallon always goes down real easy.


keep is out of the fridge for a couple hours. warm milk is easier to drink


I might do this in the morning and video it for you


Haha, everyone here has done it? I feel left out, but not for long.

I drank about a gallon a day for a couple months, just a phase I guess, but that was a couple years ago. I've always loved milk though. Maybe I'll start training for it.


I really, strongly advise against this. Milk is hormone-packed, overprocessed, vile shit that will leave you feeling less than optimal...


Holy shit, that's a lot of sugar all at once.


My buddies have done this. It'll make you projectile vomit.


Yes, I tried it.Your stomach is gonna start aching and you'll definitely throw up. Go for it to get it out of your system.


I had to do this while pledging my fraternity, I was able to do it in 35min without throwing up. Didn't feel that great though. One other guy was able to do it. My guess is that it has a lot to do with your ability to metabolize food. I was in mid season training for crew and eating about 8,000 calories a day (no joke) so a gallon of milk didn't seem like much. We had one small Jewish kid pledging who yacked 4 times before finishing, he was a trooper, haha.


Holy crap! Are you not the guy that was just drinking milk even during your workouts?


Not trying to hijack, but what Fraternity are you a brother of?


Yeah, and now that I don't drink milk, I feel much better. I also used to vomit fairly regularly, get heartburn, and cough shit up if I laughed for too long.


So you use to drink milk even though it made your vomit? If i vomited once from it i wouldn't do it anymore.


I remember you previously saying you only vomited a couple of times Artems, theres a big difference between regularly vomiting and vomiting a couple of times, which was it?


I'd often vomit after training, but I got it under control eventually. And I often vomited from force feeding/drinking. It doesn't matter anymore.


If you vomited from working out, that's kinda obvious. It's only been maybe a week since you stopped, right? I don't know if that is long enough to know that your heartburn and "coughing shit up" is gone, and was caused by milk. PhysioLojik (or whatever his name is) knows a lot, but just because he says he doesn't drink milk doesn't mean that has to be the end of the story and that nobody should drink milk. There are plenty of smart, big guys who DO drink milk. I haven't experienced any of those side effects from drinking milk.