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Gallon of Milk a Day


So it works for me. But I'm drinking more milk than actual water now. Problem or nah?


Are you Lactose intolerant ? No, no problem. Yes, Get the Hazmat Suit out...cause its gonna get smelly !

Actually, yes. Try and still get 1oz of water per 2 pounds of bodyweight. This is the latest scientific finding on water injestion.


I'm not super lactose intolerant but a gallon of whole milk mixed with protein powder every day would probably give most guys a little gas.

As far as getting one oz per 2 lbs that would be roughly 90oz which is about 30oz under a gallon. I may have to lower my milk intake just a bit to balance it out with the water.


I would disagree.

How would the body know whether the water came separately from the other materials in the milk, as pure water, or came pre-mixed with them?

Setting aside the milk example, what would happen if a person who drinks say 1 gallon of water per day happened to decide to blend some of his food into it beforehand?

Would he now need to drink more water, else he'd be dehydrated or suffer some adverse effect? I see no reason he would need to have yet more water (unmixed), and know of no evidence showing that he would.

Or as another way of looking at it: If drinking with meals, as many do, water gets mixed anyway. Would all that water not count towards the recommendation?


The Lactose comment came from Wendlers 5/3/1.
Grab the baby wipes, it could get messy.

Bill Roberts, you brought up a point that I had not considered.
My only concern would be, what is the actual fluid to milk solids ratio in a gallon ?

Not enough people get nowhere enough Water in them to begin with.
The problems you could get with to much water would be a Dilution of Electrolytes (ok, lifethreatening)
but the chances of that would be on the slim side for someone who knows their body well.

Anyway, thanks for making me think ! (no sarcasm)


From the USDA nutrient database, whole milk is 89.1% water by weight, while nonfat milk (for example) is 90.8% water.

So indeed yes, the amount of water consumed from that amount of milk would be a little less than a gallon, short by about 10%.

Glad to be of any help it may have been!


Interesting. I always wondered about this topic because I can drink a couple glasses of milk and not need to pee for a while but if I drink just a tall glass of water, I'm pissing in like an hour. Made me wonder if it's not good for hydration (like coffee, for example).


A question about the water would be whether the 1 oz/kg findings for water assumed some water intake with food on top of that. I'd like to see the research though. There is such a think as water toxicity if you don't get enough minerals. Water may also speed up absorption of meals (which may shift the blood sugar curve to the left) BUT water dehydration after absorption of food can raise blood sugar spikes from meals by 10 points or so.

I would only drink a gallon of milk if is was whole milk. There are a couple of issues.

1) Lactose. Now I think that since Lactaid has lactase enzyme in it, just adding a little lactaid milk to the regular milk would work on the whole gallon in the body. Enzymes can be reused in the body.

2) Too much galactose? Not really known but galactose may not be great in high quantities. A gallon of milk has 192 grams of sugar, 96 net glucose and 96 net galactose. With research lacking on galactose and some sign pointing to issues of glycation products, I try to keep my net fructose under 25 grams max, and net fructose and galactose under about 40.

If I kept my fructose at about 15, I might go up to 25 on galactose which is 50 grams of milk sugar or 4 cups of whole milk, BUT its 6 cups of half and half! and 6 cups of half and half still gets you the same protein as 6 cups of milk (48 grams) and about 1820 calories versus 600 for 4 cups of whole milk.

Personally I pretty much drink half and half only now.


I used to show kids a drop of milk under a microscope to show brownian motion in freshman science. Basically it looks like water with thousands of little oil drops in it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uzl_u8q9Svc

In the video, and in class the milk is diluted about 1:100 with water.

If you think about it, people are basically fat globules in 80% water.


Can't believe Bill Roberts actually chimed in.. Thanks boss a lot of people listen very closely to what you say. So thank you.

I may add some lactaid or whatever its ccalled. I am using whole milk with the bullshit "no blah blah blah hormones blah blah" kind so it's not the worst stuff out there. Since it is like 90% water I'm just going to say fuck it and go with moree milk.

As far as the health risks goes.. the sugar content in a full gallon is quite high. But I am so thin you guys would not think twice about me having a little too much sugar. I'm definitely underweight by an athletes standards, and compared to you massive beasts I wouldn't even belong in the same room


Protolipid Fat Globules in 80% water... Hilarious !
^ Wins Science post of the Year !
Thanks mertdawg !!


what does that mean


I guess a gallon a day could work if you're real thin and lean but I can't believe people can drink that much without gastro issues.

Can milk give you digestive issues even when taking lactaid pills. I tried Lactaid milk in past and the pills and still had problems. I get my kids grass fed whole non homogenized and it tastes great. I would love to drink a gallon of that a day but my initial experiences with Lactaid milk have scared me off. I have drank a glass of it here and there without issues though.

Someone told me it might not be a lactose problem but a problem with certain milk proteins. Anyone have any info on that?


I don't have any problem with it and I mix it with protein powder every cup I drink. if you saw how skinny I was you have no mercy on me


If you're that skinny, eating (chewing) whole food is better than drinking, for obvious chemical brain related reasons

that's what made me finally gain my first pounds at the time. Eat a lot is not DRINK

You can drink your milk along with big meals no problem, but one gallon is quite an appetite suppressor so maybe keep your glasses after your big,phat meal


You're right you're right. I just eat til I'm bloated as hell and I usually drink my milk/protein shakes I do it after. My diet has very little variety in the solid food department

Typical meats: chicken, beef, lot's of eggs, bacon, salmon (not a fish fan)

Carbs: rice, potatoes, oats, quinoa, pasta, bread, sugar

Fats: whole fat milk, brown eggs, bacon, 80/20 beef, coconut oil, salmon.


Those are all good choices of food, mate.

Like you, I also need to start gaining some weight. I don't eat a gallon, but I drink at least 1L of raw whole milk per day, and I can tell you that it fills me up a lot. It's very satiating. I wanted to drink more milk, as liquid, just so I could get more appetite, but it looks like it's the contrary.


If your not going to drink it all send it my way bro. I need more than some weight. If I posted a pic I'm sure you've all seen what a skeleton looks like. Have you seen walking dead? That was me when I got out of the hospital. A zombie looking for shit to eat.