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Gall Bladder

Just found out I have to have my gall bladder removed. Any body had theirs removed that can tell me what to expect as far as how it will affect my diet and training?

expect that if you don’t start doing 5/3/1 immediately we will kill and eat you.

Yeh, count on that. Am age 45, been back in the gym for 2 years. Made good progress but my numbers have stalled. Gonna try 5/3/1 and focus on diet more.

Surgery on tuesday. No fatty foods for 3 weeks. No heavy lifting for 2 months!! Time to start getting in the woods and hiking and shooting bow. Try to get my elk this year!

At 5’9" and 180 # my current numbers are: squat (raw) 355#, bench 285#, deadlift 345#, Military 185#. My goals are Squat 405#, bench 305#, deadlift425, clean and press 205#. When doc says no heavy lifting, I take that to mean no squats or deadlifts. Will try to work on calves, bi’s, tri’s, and perfect pullup through rehab after surgery till I can lift heavy again.

Good luck with your surgery and welcome aboard. Just curious, why the need for the Gallbladder out?

Doctors call it “sludge”. Precurser to stones. I either get it out now or risk having to have it taken out in the emergency room. Ate porkchops last week and it felt like a knife in gut.