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Galgenstrick’s Quest For Thick Forearms

Galgenstrick’s Training Log

I’m getting back into lifting after a year off and wanted to start logging my routine and goals here, specifically so I can get feedback from the experienced guys on the forum.

I’ll put my current stats right here so they are easy to reference.

Age: 33
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 200lbs
Body Fat: ~25% (over fat look)

—- History —-


I trained seriously for about 2 years straight, but fell off the wagon due to a complete inability to progress despite eating in a surplus and running proper programs.

The first 6 months I cut from 195 to 150lbs running strong lifts 5x5. I got to about 10% body fat and had no appreciable muscle. For the following year I ran Mike Matthew’s program: Bigger, Leaner, Stronger in a caloric surplus. I ran it for a full year, 5 days a week, and never missed a workout. During that time I made small strength gains, but was constantly plateauing. I gained all my weight back in that year, but only put on about 5-10lbs of muscle at most.

I got pretty frustrated with my gains, and decided to see if I could gain strength running a strength program. I ran Starting Strength for 6 months on a dirty bulk. My weight went up from 180 to 225 and my lifts barely budged. I was really discouraged and depressed so I took a year off and lost all of my strength and muscle mass I had gained.

I tried one more time after that and ran Johnny Candito’s beginner program for 6 months. I gained back the strength I had in 3 months but hit a brick wall on gains after that and was making no progress for the next 3 months. Whatever I tried I just couldn’t get stronger after a certain point even at a novice level on all my lifts. I pretty much gave up completely after that. Got depressed, drank a lot, and just decided fitness wasn’t for me. That lasted for a full year, until now.


I’ve been a low energy person my whole life. I was diagnosed with thyroid disease when I was a pre-teen and struggled with treating that for a long time. I settled at 125mcg/day levothyroxine. That fixed a lot of skin and hair issues I had, but not much help for energy.

I have a deformed hip socket on my right side that doesn’t allow me to deadlift or ass to grass squat. More info here:

About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with mild/moderate sleep apnea. I have a CPAP and so far it’s treating that well on paper. Still no improvements in energy.

Recently I was diagnosed with low testosterone and went on TRT. Current protocol is 200mg Cyp + 20mg Test-E per week split into EOD dosing. You can see TRT log here:

—— Current Training Protocol ——

After TRT I got the motivation to get out of my depression, clean up my diet and started to train again. I am 6 weeks into the following program at this point.

My Goals:

I’d like to drop 20lbs of fat and gain that back in muscle, then reevaluate. I decided on a recomp approach, and am following my own program in my garage gym.

I mostly have only 3 strength goals that I really want to meet this year. Bench 225x8, low bar squat 310x8, OHP 135x8 (might be a stretch).

Aesthetically I would love to get 16” arms this year. Currently 15” flexed in the morning on rest day. And would love to lean up enough to see defined arm and chest muscles. Or in other words. I would like to look like I lift by the end of the year.

My Program:

I train Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri evenings and have a moderately active job. I walk or hike a few miles on Sundays for active recovery.

Alternate between workout A and B.

Workout A

Squat: 3x8
Bench: 3x8
Incline DB Bench: 3x8
OHP: 3x8
Bent over Lateral raise: 4x10
Cable Tricep Extensions: 4x10

Workout B

Lunges: 3x8
Bend over DB Rows: 3x8
Pull Ups: 3x10
Inclined bicep curls: 3x10
Side Lying External Rotations: 3x10

Current lifts:

Squat: 150 3x8
Bench 162.5 3x8
Incline DB bench 55 each 3x8
OHP 85 3x8
Lateral raise 17.5x10
Cable tricep extensions: 32 4x10
DB Lunges 55 each 3x8
Bent over DB row 70 3x8
Pull up: assisted 3x10
Incline bicep curls 25 3x10
External rotations 11.25 3x10

My Diet:

I eat at maintenance calories ~3000-3500/day. I cleaned out my diet pretty good, and it’s what I’ve used in the past for training. I usually have a cheat meal on Sundays and a couple drinks.

Protein: approx. 200g/day
Fat: approx. 100g/day
Carbs: the rest in carbs

Here’s what I ate today. I pretty much follow the same meal plan but sub out meats green veggies and starchy carbs.

4 hard boiled eggs minus 2 yolks.

2 extra lean turkey burger patties, 1 can black beans, frozen spinach all cooked in about 2 tsp of avocado oil.

Chipote rice bowl with brown rice, black beans, chicken, salsa, sour cream, no cheese

Chicken breast, yams, spinach cooked in 2 tsp avocado oil, orange

Glass of 2% milk

—- Conclusion —-

That’s pretty much it. Of course any feedback would be awesome. The training program I picked was mostly from my own research and includes the exercises that don’t aggravate my hips and crunchy shoulders. But I’m open to changing it up if things don’t look adequate.

Lunges 60 3x8
DB Row 72.5 3x8
Assisted alternate grip chin up -20lbs 9,9,9,8
Incline bicep curl 26.25 10,8,8
External rotations 11.5 3x12

Full body weight chin ups 4,4,3

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Following along, if you don’t mind; rootin’ for ya bud! :smiley:

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Adding a little more volume on my rest day for pull-ups.

Body weight pull-ups on rings 5,5,5,4,4

Elbows hurting after this. Might switch to lat pull downs until I can do 10 reps comfortably.

Reverse grip curls 20 5x10

Lots of energy on today’s workout. (Took 30 minute nap before it).

Low bar squat - 155lbs 3x8
Bench Press - 165Lbs 3x8
Incline DB bench - 56.25lbs 8,8,6
Arnold Press - 40lbs 8,8,7
Lateral raise - 15lbs 4x10
Cable tricep extensions - 35lbs 10,10,10,10

DB Lunges 65 3x8
Bent over DB Rows 75 3x8
Assisted chin-ups -20 10,9,9,9
Incline bicep curls 26.5 3x10
Lying External rotations 11.75 3x12

Squats are getting hard. I may need to progress at 5lbs/week instead of 10. Would make sense on a recomp anyway. Bench feels great, and I feel like I can progress at 5lbs/week for a while yet.

Shoulder pinching pain on lateral raises. I think I was going too high on them. I’m going to drop the weight until they are comfortable and work back up slower. Maybe 0.25-0.5lbs/week

Squats 160lbs 3x8
Bench 167.5lbs 3x8
Incline DB bench 57.5lbs 3x8
Arnold press 40.5lbs 3x8
Side lateral raise 14lbs 4x10
Cable tricep extensions 37.5 4x10

Terrible sleep last night, but PRs across the board still.

DB Lunches: 70lbs 3x8
DB Rows: 76.25lbs 3x8
Assisted chin ups: -20lbs 3x10
Incline bicep curls: 27lbs 3x10
External rotations: 12lbs 12,9,12

Maybe you were anemic, LOL.

LOL. I think I still am!

Looks like squats will pass bench soon enough. Still felt like I’m lifting a truck though.

Squats: 165lbs 3x8
Bench: 170lbs 3x8
Incline DB bench: 58.75lbs 3x8
Arnold press: 41lbs 3x8
Face pulls: 35lbs 3x10
Tricep extensions: 40lbs 3x10

DB Lunges: 72.5lbs 3x8
DB Rows: 77.5lbs 3x8
Assisted chin ups: -17.5lbs 3x10
Incline bicep curls: 27.5lbs 10,8,9
External rotations: 12.5lbs 3x12

Hiked 8 miles yesterday. Was expecting a shitty workout today, but I did pretty damn good.

Accidentally dropped weight on the Arnold press, and still struggled with it. I might start prioritizing shoulders a little more after I deload in a couple/few weeks.

Squats: 170lbs 3x8
Bench: 172.5lbs 3x8
Incline DB bench: 60lbs 3x8
Arnold press: 40.5lbs 3x8
Face pulls: 37.5lbs 4x10
Tricep extensions: 41lbs 4x10

Switching to BW Chins on rings going forward. They felt good and Not much elbow pain.

DB Lunges: 80lbs 3x8
DB Rows: 78.75lbs 3x8
Assisted chin ups: -15lbs 10,9
Chin ups on rings: BW 6,5
Incline bicep curls: 28lbs 3x10
External rotations: 13lbs 11,10,9

Not too happy with my workout today. Small tweak in my lower back after squatting, which always seems to happen when I work up to this weight. I’m going to deload next week to give it a rest, and I’m also at 8 weeks training hard.

Squats: 172.5lbs 3x8
Bench: 175lbs 3x8
Incline DB bench: 61.25lbs 3x8
Arnold press: 41lbs 8,7,7
Face pulls: 40lbs 3x10
Tricep extensions: 42lbs 3x10

Starting deload today through next Thursday. Letting the back heal and will switch up my programming to accommodate for that as well.

Dumbbell Rows: 80lbs 2x4
Chin ups on rings: BW 2x3
Incline bicep curls: 28lbs 2x5

Continuing deload

Dumbbell lunges: 80lbs 2x4
Bench Press: 175lbs 2x4
Incline dumbbell bench: 61.25lbs 2x4
Arnold Press: 41lbs 2x4

missed my entry yesterday. Last deload workout, starting up again on Friday.

Dumbbell Rows: 80lbs 2x4
Chin ups on rings: BW 3x4
Incline bicep curls: 28lbs 2x5

Also did some incline BW rows. And played with captains of crush for grip.

I also did some stretching and mobility work for my low back. A lot of cracking happened, and it feels a lot better this morning.

Deload is done, and my back is feeling much better. In an effort to keep it that way I’ve cut barbell squats and deadlifts from my programming, as well as adjusted my routine a bit as follows.

Barbell bench: 3x8
Incline barbell bench: 3x8
Dumbbell bench: 3x8
Ab roller: 3 to failure

Dumbbell Deadlift (until I can get trap bar): 3x8
Dumbbell rows: 3x8
Chin up: 3x8
Standing calf raises: 3 to failure

Barbell bench or close grip bench: 3x8
Arnold Press: 3x8
Incline Bicep Curls: 3x8
Handing knee raises: 3 to failure

Bulgarian Split Squat: 3x6
Barbell Hip Thrust: 3x8
Leg Curls with Bands: 3x8
Standing calf raises: 3x12

I will also be working in some hamstring And hip flexor mobility work at the end of my workouts. I have been doing it the last few days and it’s been helping the low back pain.

Also got some grip trainers to play with during work commutes. Will work in 3 sets of 5-10 and progress to next level at 10.

Opted to do Monday’s workout today just to get my back a bit more of a rest, then will Officially start the proper cycle this coming Monday.

Barbell bench: 177.5lbs 3x8
Incline barbell bench: 125lbs 3x8
Dumbbell bench: 61.25lbs 3x8
Ab roller: 3 to failure

Hamstring stretching 3x30seconds