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I started making an attempt at lifting respectable weight about 3 months ago.

Right off the bat, things went real well. Gained about 13 pounds, trimmed up...looking nice, nice gains.

Now I feel like I have reached a stopping block, or a plateau if you will.

Currently on the Dawg School Plan, wondering If I should switch it up with a new plan or stick with this for a while longer.

I guess another way to ask the same question is..

What do you do to keep from getting board, but still stay focused enough to make solid gains?




When the going gets tough,

the tough use gear.


Three months is nothing. What are you eating?


Also the ignorant and the lazy. Not always, but often.


Read "An AX In Joe WEIDER'S CHEST" by none other than CS

See you in eight weeks, I'm done.


TC wrote that article. Now end the hijack on this poor guy's thread.


Man, keep that simple and don't overthink about it, mix things up with training, and try to eat more and see what happens, maybe you just need a lil' deloading, i don't know. If I was you I would take a week off , find a good program here that suits your goal and try to eat a little more.


I sympathize with you I have lifted at least 40 weeks a year for about 18 yrs not really heavy till two years ago and more so in the last 6 months and the change in my routines seem to give me the most bang for the buck,youre initial gain will slow 13 pounds in three months is good but to continue at that pace would take some incredible genetics good diet and limit your cardio work amd check out some of Waterbury,s routines they have been more than a boost for me. Good luck and dont give up because progress slows a little were not 18 anymore. forty and running from the reaper here


Thanks for the input fellas...

Diet, Diet, Diet....

I hear about it, and in the back of my mind I know I should be eating more clean foods, but the last thing I ever want to do is obsess over my intake.

Would 5 pounds of muscle mass a month be realistic for my age, or would you think this was slow progression?

Enjoying the ride anyway.....


Too slow!!
Think about that. That would be 60 POUNDS of muscle in a year!! 60 F*ING pounds.


Herein lies the truth. Logging food intake each day is the only sure way to know you're doing it right when you are starting out. You probably have to obsess for a while.


Ahh, good point....60 more pounds on my frame would be crazy...

Thats a 205lb 5'5" person...wow, just wow!

You will have to forgive me, I'm way new at this, and my expectations are not set in stone, but I'm getting a clue. Seems like your initial gain is the most impressive....after that its just damage over time, small gains...

Unless you juice...which is not on my plan.

Thanks again gentalmen...


Backcycle a little, then make another push forward.

Stick with compound basics.

Eat big.

There is no big secret, just hard work, and a lot of eating.

Dan "Fuck Steroids" McVicker