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Being a former skinny bastard I was wondering if my gains were pretty good. I was 5’9" and 140 pounds. In 10 weeks I have put on 25 lbs. and my BF is at 10%. I had a small gut do to large beer consumption. My BF% was kinda off when I went to the doctor recently. With the skin fold test it said it was 15.9% Then the he took another reading with some machine. The doctor said there was no way it could be more than 11. This was based on my other readings on the skin fold. The only place it was not consistent was around my stomach which has not increased that significantly. I am very lean except there. You can’t pinch any fat on me. But I was wondering if my gains were pretty good. I constructed my own diet after doing lots of research and believe That I did pretty good. I have about two more weeks, then I will go to a cutting phase. Also, I had two deaths in the family, and lost about two weeks of traing in there also. I couldn’t eat or work out do to time constraints. It sucked. But do my gains look good.

25lbs in 10 weeks is very impressive. Keep up the good work!

Your gains sound similar to mine. I’m 6’0. Four weeks ago I weighed a scant 130lbs and 6% bodyfat. Now I’m 150lbs and 8% bodyfat. I am aiming for 10% bodyfat at 170 lbs 8 weeks from now. I’m using the Get Big diet from t-mag at www.testosterone.net/html/body_92getbig.html – so far I have only managed to squeeze in the FULL 6 meals as described. Usually it’s a bit less. I train three times a week only, no cardio. Anyway, to answer your question, that’s a pretty good gain! I know how hard it is, my metabolism burns it off fast. One question, how is it that beer reduces your gut? I thought that beer gives you extra calories that make you fat?

Yo Going4Gains… you sound exactly like me. I’m 18yo 6’, 145lbs @ 8%. Watching my diet throughout the basketball season helped me come down from last November’s 22%… I’m doing Massive Eating + GVT to get some mass gains for the next few weeks. Let me know how your program works for you… I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of all this ‘skinny bastard’ shit on this forum. >=)

I was saying that the beer increased my gut. I had a little gut when I started and it had to be from beer. Good luck guys.