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Gains Without Gym?

Just wondering if it is possible to make good gains without the dumbells and gym equipment and at home using what you’ve got. Will a good combination of varied press-ups, parallel bar dips, chin ups, etc. do the job? (with the meals of course) thanks. any help appreciated.

What are your goals?

for a little while. think, just got back from boot camp type gains

my goals are just to put on weight and make huge muscular gains like a lot of people here. i would tell u my height, weight, body fat etc. but i havn’t checked them in ages… so i don’t know.

Arnold Schwarzenegger wrote a book called “The Education fo a bodybuider” in which he has an at-home workout program. You may gain some on that, but at some point you’ll need to increase the resistance to what you’re doing.

Get creative bro find heavy things what ever they are in parks etc and pick them up in various ways nuemrous times and aim to do it more and heavier, eat and rewcover as well and you will get buigger and stronger.

Your only limited by what your willing to do and your imagination.


thanks. i was a bit unsure because i havn’t come across any proof of gains being made without gym equipment on this forum. But that was just what i needed to hear to get going. thanks again.