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Gains with No Test

i work with plenty of guys who juice without having any knowledge of what they are doing. There are a number of guys who use drugs with no test. like eq and deca. how is it that they still make gains with no test?

You don’t need test to make gains. It’s generally added to keep your dick working and mood stable.

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Please could you explain why you think they wouldn’t gain on Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids that aren’t the Testosterone hormone itself?

Maybe you should read this:

(which is surprisingly up to date… let me quote this;

“Human chorionic gonadotropin, although it is more common now to use this throughout the cycle rather than after it.”

WOW - that is detail i didnt expect on that site!)


I recently read on another thread were somebody said that dbol and tren was their favorite cycle. I never thought about it, but does dbol act in a similar way to test in terms of heightened libido? I have read of others who swear by deca and dbol. Has anybody tried either of the previously mentioned and if so what were your thoughts?

I am not an expert and never took steroids. However I do know that there are 2 kinds of hormones, AA hormones, and steroids. Testosterone is a natural steroid which unlike AA hormones, binds to a receptor inside the cell. Im guessing that other steroids like decca and dbol work in a similar way.

I know plenty that swear on their dick deca is the best.