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Gains With High BCAA Usage?

Someone posted in one of the BCAA threads how they were taking somewhere around 50 grams a day of BCAA. My question for that person and for those who are taking nearly that much BCAA is, how big of a difference have you seen in your performance and physique since you started supplementing with such high amounts?

50 grams?

I doubt that you’d get any better gains than from using 10-15g a day.

I’m pretty sure it was me who posted that, because by following CT’s protocol of 10 g BCAA 5 times a day (sometimes up to 6 times a day), I gained about 10 lbs. This was roughly a 2 month experiment and according to caliper readings (my method of determining fat percentage; not hugely accurate but better than nothing I think)I didn’t gain fat.

Now, I took this amount of BCAAs in ADDITION to my normal high protein high calorie diet. For me somehow, it worked like magic.

After the 10 lb gain though, the weight increased stopped, even though I continued the protocol for roughly 2.5 weeks. I’m finding I am still able to maintain my new weight even after dropping off my BCAA intake down to very low levels (5 g 3 times a day).

Those who have read my posts know that I am a steroid user; but I am NOT a HEAVY steroid user. My anabolic usage over the period of BCAA experimenting was no different than any of my other cycles, but I gained so much more this time around.

I think there is a definite limit to how much weight gain can be made with this protocol; I believe I reached my limit. But it doesn’t hurt to at least try this making sure to not decrease food intake.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
50 grams?

I doubt that you’d get any better gains than from using 10-15g a day.[/quote]

Not in my case; see my post above.

I’d be interested to hear from more people who follwed CT’s protocol. I do think it would be particularly beneficial for steroid users. It would seem to me that the enhanced ability for protein synthesis would make great amounts of BCAAs in the blood more useful. But maybe I’m confusing things. I definitely do find more moderate doses of BCAAs to promote gains and aid recovery as a non-steroid user.