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Gains With Deca Stanazol

Has any one had good gains with deca stanazol cycles, I’m looking at starting my course using deca stanazol.

I been reading some blogs they were on around 750 mg deca a week and really noticing there mental state not being good, any one had this?

I could not imagine being on 750mg of Deca a week. Are you considering a Deca/winny run? If so could you please explain why?

Running test, deca and winny wouldn’t be horrible. But I still wouldn’t run 750mg/week of deca. Even for the advanced user that seems high. To keep a good test to deca ratio you would need to run a lot of test.

That’s the thing there is no mention of test. Also to balance out 750mg of Deca I’d think you’d need a minimum of 1200mg of Test if not 1500mg a week. That’s why I was curious for his explanation. Seems like some educating needs to take place.

deca stanazol sounds like something Hooker would pawn at his scam store. Did you maybe just misspell that?

I have, i wouldn’t recommend deca alone. it really is a bitch on the “old man”.

I used Norma Deca, which i think is shit personally, i ran 300mg of Deca and 50mg Winstrol Depot 4x a week.
The results were “ok”…

My strength wasn’t amazing, and i only really felt as though i was on deca alone.

I wont use less than 50mg of winstrol depot a day now, and i try not to use deca at all… But i would be good at a dose of 2-300mg a week with around 5-600mg of test and 350mg a week winny depot. Chuck in some proviron and a controlled calorie diet, the results should be pretty nice IMO.


Yeah thanks guys I know now Deca ant to crash hot stuff, just passing on some info that I found, I ant even brought the shit yet, The Test Deca stack joe talks about sounds the goods.

I’m going go shopping Thailand end of the month, i might just go back to the square one, do a good old fashion stack-there are plenty to choice from, i hate it when juice gives my old man a hard time, ill let you know

Iv’e ran this w/ test of course & it works well.

deca 400mg wk
50mg winny ed.

New cycle Test E 500 mg a week 10 weeks, never had Test E but i all ways read very good reports, considering Deca Stack, who out there has had some good reports with a Test E stack?

89 kg
15% BF
lifting 6 years
Diet on track sleep and rest on track.