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Gains Retention with Blast/Cruise?

Hi everyone just wondering what kind of gains retention you’d get if you ‘blast and cruise’ I know it’s around 50/60% if you cycle just wondering if it’s more if you drop the dose down to say 150/200 mg and cruise

Depends on how far past your genetic limit on 150-200 mg you go on blast.

Dr Coach Greg claims to keep 6-9kg over his genetic limit while cruising on just 140mg/week of test (and I think some proviron too)

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“Gains” needs to be differentiated from “weight”. Going from cycle to trt you shouldn’t lose much muscle gained. You will absolutely lose some of your weight though. When you’re not at supraphysiological levels of testosterone and running higher e2 you simply will not retain nearly as much water and glycogen. That’s weight, but those aren’t gains. If during a cycle you out on 10lbs of actual muscle tissue then going straight to a cruise should allow you to hold onto most of that, assuming diet and training continue to be proper. Guys lose muscle off cycle for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is the lag time between the end of the cycle and the time that pct starts to really reactivate your own production to a level that’s necessary to sustain your added muscle. Plus a lot of guys don’t eat right during pct and they under-feed that new muscle. So the answer is yes, obviously blast and cruise is better to maintain your gains.


It is important to differentiate between natty genetic limit and trt genetic limit as they are different. I mentioned this in my post, but it is hard to catch.

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Good point

I suppose it should be noted, that it seems doing steroids has an effect of allowing someone to be a bit larger than they could be, after a long time off. More fibers get made during use. So perhaps one who blasts and cruises could be a bit larger than just the trt guy even after a long time from blasting. I don’t think it is a huge difference though.