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Gains on Smolov Program


Hi guys,

I have a few questions regarding Smolov program. How much gains have you gotten out of the program?

Does the gains eventually slow down as the lifter adapts to the demands/workload of the cycle.

Is it okay to run only the Smolov base mesocycle and omitting the intense phase?


First of all the gains will vary depending on how big you are and how strong you already are. Example a 200 pound guy with a 405 squat is probably gonna get more out of it than a 165 pound guy with a 495 squat.
What do you mean will the gains slow down? This is not a program to run over and over. It’s something you might at the most run once a year and even that is probably excessive.
Yes running only the base cycle is fine. But in my opinion the base cycle is the most difficult part so you are cutting your gains short by skipping the intense phase.

Also there is a Smolov experience thread on here. Check it out.