gains on OVT

Has anyone made decent gains on OVT? I’m on my 6th week today and so far I’ve gained about 8 lbs. Strength and endurance on every lift has gone up. I started out post Hot-Rox Challenge at about 179 lbs and 8-9 % BF I’m now close to 187 lbs and around 10 % BF. I want to break 190 by the end of the 8 weeks and then cut back down before winter where I’ll start the long winter bulk. OVT is a very strange animal. I expected greater mass gains but the gains I’ve made weren’t so fatty as I expected. My endurance of all things is astounding now. Does anyone thing coach Thibadeau modified GVT or GVT 2000 (into OVT) just for his athletes? I really like the results now that I have seen what this program is really all about but CT seems to have bent this program into a functional program that secretly is geared towards strength gain more than mass gains. I think he wanted to trick young would be bodybuilders into becomeing much more strength oriented. Functional mass seems to take a little more time to put on but it’s fun! Just about every physical task or sport is much more enjoyable now. Props to CT for stearing me into a better path, unbeknownst to me. Next, power and strength training, Oly lifts here I come.

I would like to hear some results as well.

I plan on starting OVT in 2 weeks.

I’m going to run a 6 week block, 3 weeks OVT1, 3 weeks OVT2. Following it up with CT’s football program from the book.