Gains Made After Creatine Use

When you get off of it you pretty much just gain mass like you used to right and just don’t make as good of gains as you did while on it right?

Dumbshit, you already have a freaking creatine thread going.

Creatine just fills your muscles up with water, thus making them harder to break down, thus giving them a higher work capacity. Creatine does nothing to directly stimulate muscle growth, it only gives you a greater work capacity, if you take creatine and don’t work any harder it will have zero effect on your gains.


HT. I have personally never taken creatine but having spent 10 minutes reading about it on this site and thus I know the following:

  1. Creatine is not a “drug”. Not is not a miracle powder that will do any work for you.

  2. Creatine hydrates your muscles allowing them to have more endurance during your workout. More endurance = more/heavier lifts = more muscle breakdown = more muscle recovered.

  3. Creatine is nothing more than a tool to help you towards your goal.

  4. Finally, to answer your question - when you stop taking creatine your muscles will eventually return to there normal state of hydration and life will be whole again.


I have no idea why all these creatine questions are annoying me - and I certainly don’t have the experience to preach…but crap what do expect to happen to you when you stop taking it?

Drugs will affect you after you stop taking them (I should know). As a rule of thumb - you cannot buy drugs over the counter at Wallmart for $.05 a gram. Drugs are sold through the window of a car in a back ally for $90 a gram.