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Gains Have Stalled


Well I have been on ANACONDA Protocol and have gotten very strong and made gains in size too. My bench went from 225 10 times to 275 five times in matter of 1 or 2 months. I used wsfsb for football my junior year but now I'm training for bodybuilding and even added arm workout so I workout 5 times a week.

I recently got a pec strain or pull and I decided to take it easy for a week. I came back and did 275 3 times. 2 weeks later I did 225 x5 and this week 245 x5. I just do not know why I got weaker if my intake has been 4000 cals a day plus ANACONDA Protocol.

Although I improved from 225 to 245 I got weaker overall. I would like to know why and how tgo prevent it? I would think it was tghe pec strain but I still came back and did 275. Btw I did increase sets from doing wsfsb to 15 sets per bodypart which I saw huge improvements. Should I stick with that or no since maybe that lead to my injury or at least be more smart about it(regulate it more)?