gains from EDT

I’ve been doing HIT for quite some time now and decided it was time to try something else. I’ve been doing EDT for two weeks now and already friends have been mentioning that I look bigger and leaner. How is this program working for everybody else?

i havent done HIT training yet, but i have been making mad gains with EDT. by far my favorite workout i have ever done. and im only 2 weeks into it!!

I’m in my second week as well and I’m sure I’ve gotten bigger. My shirts are tighter and I’ve gained about 2lbs. I think this would be a great program to combine with Mag10. For me I’ve noticed that after the first few sets the weights feel lighter and then heavier as I run out of steam. I’m guessing this is due to the effect of supersetting antogonistic muscle groups. I’m also using Surge and I thnk that helps. I plan on upping the intensity each week until week 4 the going on to phase 2 with a possible break in between the two. This is a really cool program.

Do you think EDT has enough volume for mag-10? Also how are you all eating for EDT? I am on the T-dawg diet for 2 more weeks and was looking for something to ease me back to maintenance. Also did you change any of the exercises? It looks like a bad ass program though.

How are you guys recording your workouts in your journal. Are you just taking the weight and writing down the total reps during the specified time, or are you writing down the reps for each se? just wonderin’


How are you guys recording your workouts in your journal. Are you just taking the weight and writing down the total reps during the specified time, or are you writing down the reps for each se? just wonderin’


I keep track of the reps for each set, then add it all up at the end. This seems to help me keep the math simple. I just try to do an extra rep compared to before on a few of the sets and try never to do less than the previous workout on any other sets.
I hope that doesn’t confuse you.

The volume is plenty high while on mag-10. I’ve calculated the volume of my workouts to be higher than GVT. And no one has ever said that GVT didn’t have enough volume.

I’m following EDT in my own way. It is working well for me. I’ve been increasing reps nearly every week (there are some weeks where I’m just too tired and only do the same as the previous week). I’ve also noticed an increase in size in my arms and shoulders in the past month. As for combining with MAG-10, it would probably be a good combo. I’ve noticed that in a 10-minute time frame, I can usually complete 5-6 sets of a particular exercise. And in 15 minutes, I can do 6-8 sets. When following the 20-minute time frame, I’m completeing 8-12 sets. So for some workouts, I’m doing anywhere from 10-24 sets per bodypart. That is high enough volume if using MAG-10.

I have been getting some great results using EDT as well. I think the volume is actually very high on this workout. You end up doing at least 12 sets (6 sets for each exercise) per 20 minute superset and I have worked my way up 18 sets for some of the less challenging movements. Like GaryE, I have been writing down every set on a worksheet and then recording the total in my journal. This way I can try to not only add reps to each workout but a set or 2 as well.

heres what i do. before my workout i write all of the reps from the last workout out across a whole line. then before every set, i just take a quick glance and see what i have to beat, and write it under the # of reps that i got the previous time. make sense?

How’s EDT on a cutting cycle?

Anyone care to post some numbers on this thread? Anyone do EDT for a while and care to post their results in numerical form? LBM gains, etc.? Anyone use EDT in conjunction with Mag-10 and care to post their results of their 2 week cycle?

im doing EDT on a cutting cycle right now, and its great b/c i know im not losing anything on my diet since im making gains every week. im getting about 10 sets for each muscle group, and im doing a modified version. it sounds like overtraining, but im getting the 20% every time i lift.

I think it has enough volume for Mag10. Today for example I did chest and bicep. I’m using 60lb dbs for pressing and 90lbs cable curl. I start with 5 reps each then after two or three sets it seems to get easier and I can do 7-8 reps easy. I rest only long enough to change exercises. I count sets as 60x5x5x6 etc… Then add up the reps at the end. So today I had 46 reps each. I have a small gym at work so I don’t have to worry about giving the evil eye to anyone. I am eating Massive style as usual, no change, although I think this program might also be good as a Meltdown type training. I sure am glad I’m using Surge, I can imagine the extra pain without it.

So how’s the cutting itself going? Do you find that you’re losing weight at the same rate, or a little faster? Also, is your LBM going up, or just your numbers? How’s the soreness on the program. Seriously, I might do this program this summer if it works well while cutting.

Alright I am confused about EDT now. Some are supersetting while others are not. My understanding was perform 5-6reps rest 30 seconds now 5-6 reps of an antagonistic muscle group. Then go back and perform the first again.
Now I have read that Some are super setting the whole time? So they are performing bicep curls 5-6 reps then straight to skull crushers then back to bicep curls and again?

Yo yo T-f’ers. Been doing EDT w/ my MAG-10 cycle for a week and 4 days now. Gained about 9-10 lean lbs. with perhaps a pound of fat as I’m taking in about 4000 calories a day (near puke, peeps). I’ve picked up some severe mass up in hea’. My B-building bro’s can’t beleive my progress. I gotta go eat. Lata.

“MBE: Throwin’ mass on his ass since 1821.”


If you’re moving back and forth between 2 exercises then you are supersetting. It really doesn’t matter if the rest period is 0 seconds or 180 seconds. As to what rest periods you should use while doing an EDT workout, it will depend on your conditioning level and the difficulty of the movements. If you’re supersetting deadlifts and chin-ups, you will probably have to rest somewhat more between sets than if you’re supersetting cable curls and triceps push-downs. Just remember to set a goal of 20% more reps the next time you get in the gym. I have found that I am able to rest less and get more sets in from workout to workout. You need to leave yourself enough time though to write down your reps between sets and get a drink of Surge now and then. Unless of course you can get your girlfriend to come in and follow you around with your journal. Good luck!

the cutting is going great (except for the damn pizza craving). im actually still putting on some muscle. the great thing about EDT is that you know if your losing muscle if you dont up the reps each workout. i have been upping the reps each set buy at least 1, sometimes 2. oh just to warn you, everyone is right. the soreness is a BITCH. ive been walking with a pole up my ass for the past 2 weeks b/c i split my hams and quads up so my legs are always sore (my hams heal up the day before quads and vice versa.)