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Gains for 06

With concerns to muscle and strength gains, while decreasing body fat. What are the best supplements to use and what is the best way to eat.

I’ve tried the metabolic diet with a small amount of success, but cannot keep up with the low carb demands. I’d prefer a more balanced diet, but would love to see great results. I’m not a small guy, standing 6’4 and weighing 265-270.

While I’m not “fat” I carry more than I would like. I am rehabing my knee from a recent surgery, but still workout regularly. But it is difficult for me to do cardio due to the recent surgery. Any suggestions, websites, books, or diets anyone can reccommend? Thanks.

I used a stack of Alpha Male + Carbolin 19 recently and liked the results. In a month, I added 9 lbs., lost half an inch off my waist, added an inch to my chest, and had nice gains in strength on all my lifts.

The only other supps I used was Surge PWO and Grow! before bed. For my diet, I pretty much followed what was outlined in Massive Eating except I didn’t eat as clean as I could have (like eating white rice instead of brown and regular spaghetti instead of wheat pasta).

Id say HOT-ROX for sure and if you want another id Say Alpha Male.

Your biggest hlp will be diet Id look at T-Dawg II and just not drop the K/cals as Low and clean up your diet and follow some of the timing.

See where that gets you.

Here these will help
7 Habit

Foods That Make You Look Good Nekid

T Dawg 2

Hope that helps,