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Gains During PCT?

Hey. So exactly 24 days ago I have ended my cycle ( 4 weeks of dbol solo, 40mg ED) with a 20 mg dose. I am not using any PCT drugs, only vitamins, natural things. I am fine now, doing bloodwork in 4 days. I wanted to ask, how come I am gaining muscle during this ‘‘pct’’ after cycle ? I am doing many exercises with ressistance training, focusing on contraction etc, and seeing good gains.weights haven gone up a little, I just have less energy, more muscle pain when doing exercises. Pump is great.

Any advice would be highly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Does this mean anything good if its been almost a month after dbol ? Or it doesnt show that I will succesfuly recover ?

Why would you do a 4 week only dbol cycle?? Dbol has super short half life also you wouldnt need to really wait additional time before you do a pct ie keep using it while you wait for test to clear n stop 2 days before pct starts.
Terrible idea, you will lose all gains.

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Thanks for reply dude, but how long does my test stay high after dbol solo ? I mean as high as it is not supposed to be naturally ?

The Dbol half life is 3-5 hours, so it will all be gone after thirty hours of taking it. Forty mg per day probably wouldn’t spike your test much over your natural levels, but it will shut you down, which is why Dbol only isn’t recommended.

If you are getting gains in PCT, your gear was probably bunk.

oh man, I hope so lol. Idk wtf is up, I am more shredded now and making progress… Will get bloods and seee whats up i guess…

Get Cholesterol tested (HDL and LDL) im curious to see how badly your lipids have been affected or if they have been affected at all.

I tink it will be included in the blood test, im doing bloods and urine today

If it has been 33 days since last dose, and I havent lost anything yet, is this a good factor or it means nothing ?

Btw, bloods will be next week.

how strong are you? What’s your best gym lift? and how much do you weigh?

I’m asking this because if you’re not a very experienced/advanced lifter, then of course you can continue to make gains during pct. it’s because you likely haven’t hit your natural ceiling.

If you come back here and say you bench 450 or something, then that will be surprising. If you say it’s 250, then it absolutely makes sense.

Hey again. So my bloods just came. My estrogen is at high peak ( 39.7 pg/mL ) and test is on medium ( 4.11 ng/mL) for males - from 1.18-9.49 ng/mL) . It has been 1 month 14 days since my no pct cycle end. What can this say about my recovery at the moment ? Do I have a good chance to recover ? I was thinking that my test will be 0, but if it is medium, will try to get it higher

Do you think its better to wait a month and do more BW of test/estro, or I should consultate with my Dr. as she will see results anyway, to use somethn for estro ?

If my test is at medium, im lucky ?

You’re being very stupid right now. I don’t know what your test levels were BEFORE your cycle, so I have no idea if that’s a full recovery or not. If you didn’t get bloodwork before the cycle, you will never, ever know if you made a full recovery. Maybe this is exactly what your test and estrogen were before you cycled. Maybe your test was 8.0. Maybe it was 3.4. No way to guess.

Isnt there no way I could recover in 1 damn month, if those were my pre cycle results ? :smiley:

I was expecting to have 0 test as everyone said, many said BW is useless and pointless to do only 1 month after cycle (Because I didnt do any PCT)

Why would your testosterone be zero after being off cycle for a full month? That doesn’t make any sense.

Dude, your knowledge is jack shit. Nothing you’re saying makes any sense.

And you still don’t seem to understand that you needed to get bloodwork done BEFORE YOU TOOK ANYTHING.


4.11ng/dl isn’t “medium range”, it is equivalent to 411ng/dl, which is on the low side for most teens. The reference ranges out these days are mostly bullshit as they are ranges for all ages (being like 18-95) and reference ranges have gone down significantly, from what I remember labcorp used to have a reference range of 350-1200 or something similar and last year or sometime around there it was dropped to 250-900 or something. General knowledge is that “normal” levels of testosterone are 300-1000 Ng/dl, however “normal” just means the average out of 95 percent of the populations (or two standard deviations away from the norm) so you could have a TT level of 300ng/dl and be considered normal but be in the bottom 2.5 percent of men and feel like shit. You didn’t get baseline bloods before your cycle which was a big mistake, for all you know your baseline test could’ve been 900-1000 and now you are stuck at 411. Out of curiousity, did you keep your gains? Wait another month and get another testosterone test, how’s your cholesterol?

I have defin kept good amount of my gains,strenght wise and mass, Only lost ~2kg, I even dont eat that much now, out of gainer, from all 6-7kg gained. (Using creatine, so some is water of course). Mood is even great now, was fine 2 weeks ago, now has improved a lot. Cholestorol in my BW is 3.46 mmol/L ( 2 years ago it was 4.6, idk wtf tho) in range of 0.00-5.00. Liver stats seem to be fine as well.
As I see that my test is at least SOMETHING (411) , I was expecting to have 0 test, I guess my Testicles are working and producing test at least thats good right ?

Will do bloods in 4-5 weeks again, to see if it has gone up (test). If it hasnt, will use smth to get it up.

holy hell you’re stupid. you aren’t processing anything I"m saying. good luck man, you’ll need it.

I was liking to eat too