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Gains After A Chest Specialization

I just completed CT’s HSS-100 Chest Specialization a few hours ago. Those familiar with it know that the gains are supposed to come in the week or two after the spec phase, where chest work returns to a regular volume (once a week).

Now, for some reason I’ve got the idea in my head that if I’m working the rest of my body hard in those two weeks, I won’t make as much gains from the “rebound effect” over the two weeks.

Can anyone with more knowledge than me please either verify or dispel this belief? It’s pretty unfounded I think…but I just feel like if I’m working my ass off on a back day or squatting a ton on a leg day my body wont respond as it should. So, do I just do light/maintenance work on the different body parts for two weeks or so or just go back to a normal HSS-100 routine?

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Eat enough and it’ll grow. Carb up over the week.