Gaining Weight

What exercises will help me get the most mass and gain some weight?

  1. The Pop-Tart Press
  2. The One-Handed-Chicken-Leg Curl
  3. My personal favorite, the All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet Squat

Those three exercises are almost sure to put on weight. No sarcasm intended. The only exercise in the entire world that causes you to gain weight is EATING.


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The Big ones compounds for sure. Deads, squats, presses, rows. Base the program on these then hit the isolation as needed and the food as well.

Gaining weight for me is about 75% nutrition. The other 25% is spent on intensity, commitment, frequency, periodization, and concentration. The exercises themselves… I’ve never gained or didn’t gain weight depending on the exercise. The choice of exercise was just to pick which muscles I wanted to work.