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Gaining weight?

Is gaining weight more about your nutritional program or your weight training program or a combination of both?

Both. But are you talking about fat or muscle?

Kcal intake vs. Kcal expenditure, intake more kcals than you expend and you will gain.

Mostly dieting. When bulking, I cut training days down to 4 (5=maintenance, 6=cutting). But I feel the majority of gains I reap are rooted in diet. I find Massive Eating to work very well to add a few pounds of beef w/o the fat. The only problem is, as a full time college student, it takes me about 1-2 hours every week to develop a do-able meal plan!

it depends entirely on your genetics, training history, and goals, as to which will play a larger impact

From training others and myself, I have seen diet play the most significant role gaining or losing weight using the same training program.

I think GVT is the most potent program, while Massive Eating is the most potent diet.

Gaining weight? It’s all diet. Eat more or eat less.

Gaining muscle, now…that’s a different story.

What kind of weight are you referring to ? Suffice it to say that both will play critical roles. There are MANY factors to consider here. It depends on your abilities/age/current weight,training history, etc…