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Gaining Weight


Ill be honest. I never really stick to my diet, but being 19 and having peak natural testosterone, I know if I do I will gain weight. So I was just looking online and found this diet with all foods that I like. Im 6 foot 180lbs and I was reading that I will probably need around 3600 calories to gain weight with 3300 at maintenance. So this diet contains 3600 and was just wondering if you all thought it was good. BTW I know I should probably already know this but for like pasta and apples, how do I measure them? For a cup of pasta lets say? And also for a cup of apples, would that just be a full apple? Thanks in advance

1 cup Apples
4 eggs Eggs
1 cup Apples
4 cup Skim Milk
84.6g Carbs
20.2g Fat
58.8g Protein
755.4 Calories

Meal 2
1 cup Apples
1 cup Brown Rice
12 oz Chicken Breast
0.5 cup Multigrain Oatmeal
91.4g Carbs
15.1g Fat
115.3g Protein
962.7 Calories

Meal 3
1 cup 1% Milk
6 oz Chicken Breast
2 eggs Eggs
0.5 cup Multigrain Oatmeal
2 oz Pasta
1 cup Yellow Corn
93.1g Carbs
21.5g Fat
85.6g Protein
908.3 Calories

Meal 4
1 cup Baked Beans
6 oz Chicken Breast
1 cup Yellow Corn
91.2g Carbs
21.1g Fat
71.9g Protein
842.3 Calories

1 cup Broccoli
Eat these throughout the day Change number of servings
6g Carbs
0.3g Fat
2.6g Protein
37.1 Calories




other than measuring diet look good?


Not really.

What's with the oatmeal? And corn? Why so much?

1% milk?

2 cup of apples for breakfast?

Where did you get this?


Eat lots of meat


Just keep it simple... Check out this website. I think one of the members here actually developed it or something.



Not looking at the macros, only food selection.

Breakfast : switch milk to 1 cup eggwhite, remove 1 apple add 2/3cup oatmeal

Meal 2 : Ok

Meal 3 : Remove corn and milk. You can keep the pasta. I'd take off chicken and eggs and have red meat there.

Meal 4 : Fine I guess

No mention of pre workout or post workout meal ?


Ur funny. I bet you wouldnt even be able to tell if anything is wrong or right with this diet.

And actually I bet he would gain with something like this


Looking at it again I'd probably split meal 2 into 2 meals of about 50g of proteins, 112 in one sitting you wont like it


You guys I got this from Swole.me which someone above mentioned!!


Okay thanks for the tip. I just didnt know if I should do 4 or 5 meals but I guess Ill switch it to 5


Swole.me? LOl


I was going to mention that. Im not to sure when what will be my pre and post workout meals? Or if I should add in meals for pre and post?


that or he's asking a questions answered 1,000 times on this forum, by users and authors.
I could certainly tell him what i think is wrong, im an avid IF'er and would radically change his meal patterns for starters.


Lol I could use as much advice as possible. What would you change?


Than your an idiot. Not everyone needs or want to do IF.


The macros total # look good to me.

When are you working out, i'd have more carbs around that time

Also, with a pwo shake of P+C you should be able to remove some carbs from your meal 4 (which would be meal 5 if you split meal 2 in half). Thats what i'd do


Zraw any chance you will ever do a thread about how you train and your diet?


I wont be making my own thread thats for sure -_- lol


Damn i would be interested in seeing your training and diet.