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Gaining Weight



I have been trying to gain weight for over 12 months know. last year I gain weight but then I think that a lot of it was from body fat. So I did so cutting down and I am now back to where I started. Which is seriously annoying.

I am reading so much about carbs, how can I get the intake of Kcal with out taking on the carbs. As all the mass gaining supps are high in carbs.

Please help

Get big or die trying!!


Eat more. Lift more. Rest.

Bulking is seriously fucking easy, it's a matter of will. Dieting usually requires a little more thought (I dropped a bunch of fat without counting calories but I'm amazing).


Work harder or take up an easier hobby, I suggest knitting.


For what it's worth: Mass gaining supps are a crutch and are generally worthless.

Learning how to eat big is the only way. Suck it up, princess.


Why the hell are you avoiding carbs....while wanting to gain weight?


Train hard. That will limit fat gain when bulking more than anything else (unless you'e planning to go through a tub of ice cream a day).

Have a good source of protein with every meal (e.g. 8-10 oz. meat) and make sure you're getting a variety of dietary fats (some beef, nuts, oils) throughout the day.

Your carbs should (in general) be as high as they can be without making you gain a lot of fat.

If you're currently eating very few carbs start by increasing them around your workouts (meals and shakes) and work from there.

Pretty much everything else (carb cycling, fasting, etc) can be seen as a way of allowing you to eat more carbs at certain times. Don't worry about any of that for now.

Don't buy any shitty "weight gainers". Mix some whey and oats if you need one.


Its hard to say if you dont know how to bulk or you dont know how to cut? Maybe your cut was way to severe? Correct me if Im wrong someone but if your lifting weights and your bulking for a year its damn near impossible to gain only fat. But lets say bulking is the problem, then you cannot fear carbs or you wont go anywhere.

if you dont want to get as fat multiply your bodyweight by 15 then add 500 or so, make sure you get at least your bodyweight in protein hopefully more, plenty of carbs and adequate fats. adjust calories from there if your not gaining/gaining too much fat or weight per week. Its that simple man


Gaining too much fat when bulking is usually due to taking in too many calories, not training properly, or a combo of both.

What's your current height and weight? What did you weigh a year ago?

What's your current general condition? You said you finished cutting, but are you ripped now, "average", still kinda pudgy, a complete fatso?

You really can't. Or at least, it definitely isn't the easy route.

This article lays things out pretty clearly and lists some great food sources (protein, carbs, and fats). Make most of your meals with a variety of those foods and it'll be hard to screw up your plan:

This is why it's better to make your own "weight gainers" using a basic protein powder and adding whatever ingredients you want/need to get a decent shake.

A few scoops of protein blended with milk and fruit can be an easy 500 calories or more. A few of those, taken in between a few solid meals, would be a pretty general/basic plan.

The more info you provide, the better advice you can get.

What's your current training look like? (Days, exercises, sets, reps)

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

And, again (because it's kinda key), what's your current height and weight?




height: 185
weight 85kg
body fat between 18-20%

My Goal is to get to 95kg/ body fat below 15%

Training 4x per weight- workouts (28-32 sets) 2 weeks at 5-6 reps then 2 weeks at 8-10.

Light cardio

average food


mid morning

protein shake


rice/sweet potatos

recovery shake


lean meat
veg and salad

before bed

protein shake + milk

Thanks for the help


you ate that and gained fat????

That's almost my low carb day and I'm dieting for a contest.

Eat more, lots more. Go to beginner section and read.

And put some intensity in your work outs.


Okay, so you kinda-sorta-almost answered three of the five questions I asked. Let's see what we can figure out.

Translation: you're 6'1" and 187, with a pretty high bodyfat (if that's even accurate). You're what some might call "skinny-fat." Especially at your height, since you're a taller guy, you need much more lean muscle on you.

That's a fine bodyweight goal, but I suggest you forget you ever heard about "bodyfat percentages" because they can be so inaccurate depending on how they're being calculated (calipers, handheld device, etc.)

Try to base progress from a combo of strength in the gym, how clothes are fitting, and what you see in the mirror/photos.

This is super-vague info, but I'd suggest not alternating reps every two weeks for more consistent progress. There's also a chance your workouts aren't designed properly to stimulate muscle growth, or, like JFG said, you could be half-assing when you're in the gym.

There's a reason I asked for [/i]exactly[/i] what you ate yesterday.

Of course a look at your "average" meal plan should look good. But the problem with most people is that they're simply inconsistent, especially when it comes to bulking and eating enough, every meal everyday, to put on good size.

Again you laid out some pretty vague info (no amounts!) and it's only an "average", it doesn't really tell us anything. Based on what you're saying about your diet, things "should be" on track... but I guess it isn't.

Best I can say for now is to align your eating with the ideas in the article I linked to above, and try having some protein, carbs, and fats in every meal.