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Gaining Weight


Hi everyone! So this is my very first post here on T-NATION. Ive followed this site for a couple years now and enjoy reading through all of the forums.

My question to all of you is this, im a 24 yr old guy and im 6'2 and about 160 lbs. I really want to try to put on a good 20-25 lbs but have always struggled gaining weight. Does anyone have any suggestions and or tips? I eat constantly and always have lots of protein and carbs but my metabolisim is just way too fast. Any advice and or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and i look forward to being on this site.


Tell us what you eat in an average day ....


Well Morning I'll have about 4 eggs and some toast

Then about every hour or so i have snacks here and there like nuts, veggies, and fruit.

For lunch i'll either have a few pieces of meat such as chicken or steak. I'll also have a sandwich on the side and other little snacks to go with it.

and about an hour or 2 later i'll have some snacks and i usually will eat dinner at about 7- 730 and it just depends what dinner is... i'll have pasta or meat and side dishes with it. and then after working out i have a protein shake.


There are so many resources on this site that you need to tap into. There are plenty of articles in regards to nutrition. The Berardi massive eating reloaded are great and most of your questions will get answered there. The Anabolic Diet is a personal preference of mine so there are plenty of threads you can look at by simply punching those words into the site search.

Training wise - this site is a gold mine. So find a program and stick to it.

Bottom line. Lift and eat more consistantly than you currently do and you will gain weight.

PS - Many people have got over a fast metabolism. Don't use it as an excuse.


Simple Truth - If you aren't gaining weight, you aren't eating enough. Make a plan, stick to it.


Calculate your macros and begin ramping until you start to gain.


If your weight is not going up then eat until you gain weight.


No you shut the fuck up and stop being a douchebag. K thx


Im not being a douchebag, and there is nothing personal against OP. Do you have a better suggestion? if not I think you have to shut the fuck up. If your weight is not going up youre not eating enough as simple as that. And sorry to OP if what I said offended you.


You're just coming across as an arrogant prick. Stop being an e-warrior. If we were all standing next to each other in a group and OP said he is struggling to gain size, would you tell him to shut the fuck up and eat? I'll answer that for you... No, you wouldn't


Call me an arrogant prick, e-warrior whatever you want. There is lots of information on this site about gaining weight, why start a new thread for this? the only way to gain weight is to eat more, thats what I suggested and I believe thats what others would suggest, so I dont get why youre pissed off. And again my post is not to insult the original poster, I use to be a really skinny kid myself, but that`s the simplest way to get my point across.


Could you answer my question? I know i answered it for you, but please, answer it yourself. Just for shits and giggles


I might. If it was you though, I would definitely tell you to shut the fuck up






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Your metabolism isnt too fast, youre just eating shit like small fruit and whatever snacks. Create a diet of 3500 calories or more, a meal every 2-3 hours, consisting of meat, (or) chicken, (or) fish, rice, sweet potatoes, veggies and milk and you will gain weight. It will probably take your stomach a couple weeks to expand to get used to all the food, and you will probably feel like shit and gag sometimes eating so much, but stick with it and youll gain weight. Every meal of mine either starts with a steak, chicken, or fish. I always say for calories=20 times your bodyweight and protein is 1.5 times your bodyweight. Carbs im not sure but I eat a shit ton of those too. Having a serious diet is hard as hell so if you don't have time at all to do it (more importantly the dedication and drive) then it won't work out.


Most every perpetually skinny guy that ended up putting on some size had to force feed themselves at some point. Your body will adapt to it and you'll actually start getting hungry every few hours for a FULL meal.


instead of ur snacks you eat in between meals replace those with double whoppers. see how that goes for a month.