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Gaining Weight

Im about average weight for my height, but I am very strong (u can see my profile for my best lifts). Im 5’11 and when I got on the scale it read 183, but I subtract 2 or 3 pounds for clothes. I know I need to eat to gain, but I wanted to do something that didnt cost me a lot of money.

I want to get up to about 195-200, with little fat as possible, and the plan is to eat 5 lbs of potatoes a week and drink lots of milk with protein powder. What is your opinion on this? Do you belive it’ll work or not?

The potatoes + milk + protein powder plan depends entirely on your metabolism and activity level. No one can tell you it will work based off the limited info given.

I’d eat a lot of protein, at least 1.5g per lb of weight.

If you are carb tolerant (which i’m assuming you are because you listed potatoes and milk) then eat your protein first in each meal, then use the carbs to take care of any left over hunger. This can help ensure you are able to eat all the protein you need.

If you’re a fat-centered person (use fat for energy) the same guideline can apply as above, just substitute fat for carbs.

Eat a lot but don’t rush into it. I’d guestimate your caloric needs based on your weight, activity level, metabolism, etc., then figure out at least 1.5g/lb body weight in protein and then use the rest for carbs/little fat or mostly fat (if using fat for energy).

Increase your cals a little bit if you don’t gain weight after a week or two.

All that and getting stronger in the gym is going to lead to growth.

I think my bodytype is ectomesomorph if that helps…

Food food food!!!

I don’t understand why people ask this question. Do some believe that the obvious answer of “eat more” is too simple to work?

eat 4000+ calories and lift to failure and you should gain 2+lb/week, if not eat more seriously thats it

now, see, i would most likely start losing weight at 4000cal, so since Clip didnt give us any numbers to speak of, just eat more than your eating now, and if that doesnt work, eat more, etc until it does… when in doubt eat more (and more meat)

What works best for me (maybe different for others) is whole milk - I used to drink a gallon of the stuff a day.

Or like the others have said, when in doubt - eat!

have a hard time believing you can incline db bench press 145lbs x 10. look up bskola on youtube and you’ll see he only does that for 5 reps.