Gaining Weight with Zone Diet, A New Approach

being aware that tracking calories yields far better results having been a low carb strict calorie counter for a long time recently cycling of a year long keto diet so I thought I would experiment around with the zone diet to give myself a mental break for a while and go on my bodies response and not by how many calories i have consumed

Goal of this experiment is to determine a maintenance base level on the zone diet, then once adapted move on to gaining some weight somewhere around 165lbs to begin with whilst monitoring effects on performance and body composition

Currently 150lbs approximately 8 -10% bf training 2 hr strength 4 x week, 2 x conditioning/metcon weekly and cardiovascular daily

Starting Zone diet at 17 blocks a day – 5 breakfast, 5 lunch/pre wo, 1 post, 5 dinner, 1 pre bed

currently losing weight so wasn’t sure if i should bump up to 19 blocks a day or double fats first to try keep the weight gain leaner so i can sustain the bulk for a much long period

Trying to gain weight but since experimenting with the zone diet and macro blocks instead of tracking calories unsure to which approach i should undertake, either go for a straight increase in overall blocks or increase in fat blocks prior
Week 1 17 blocks
Week 2 17 blocks @ 2X fat
Week 3-4 19 Blocks @2X fat
Week 5-8 21 Blocks @2X fat
Week 9-11 23 Blocks @2X fat
Week 12+ 25 Blocks @2X fat
every 5-7 days drop things back to a base 17 blocks to give the digestion and metabolism a break