Gaining Weight While Dieting

Hello everyone, I am new to T-Nation but have been playing the game for quite some time. I am preparing for the contest season and am 7 weeks out from my first of three contests this year. Everything is going fine but have had something new that has unexpected…I know better than to add unknown compounds to the mix and change things up, so close to contest…but I couldn’t resist. I am using Bodyopus and am using Deca and P-gh (Yeah, I don’t use test with deca…it works for me)

anyways…I will be using Winnie to harden up in two weeks. I use Insulin on the weekend carbs…but have just added the infamous Superdrol (had a bottle in the cabinet) into the mix as well as HOT-ROX…I took a break from clen do to low body temp. I was tested with calipers as well as hydrostatic testing and ranged between 6 to 7 percent bodyfat right now. My question is…I have gained over 5 pounds this week…

Ok I am not bitching…but damn…I am dieting and have had to rethink my contest plans. I was sitting at 196lbs and am pushing 203lbs now. Water maybe, but am really seeing veinage and 8-pack has started to show…has anyone else had weight gain while mixing superdrol and injectable compounds…(while on a LOW cal/NO carb diet)? Also just wanted to introduce myself to everyone…Mike

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The only steroid I know of that has been said to give gains even while restricting calories is primo. However, that statement was made WAY before superdrol came out. On top of that superdrol is in a category that will most likely garuantee that it never gets researched like primo, test, anavar, deca and other AAS that where intended and still are intended for human use.

In other words there’s no money to back the studies because the greedy cocksucker insurance companies who are hand in hand with the pharmaceutical companies have no interest in that sort of thing. Which I honestly can’t blame them for entirely, they’ve got more important jobs to do…poorly.

Still bro, your staking slin and a VERY strong AAS. Here’s a question? What’s the most you’ve ever weighed? Becasue if you’ve been over 203 say 210-215 and lean then you’re just experiancing some muscle memory, assisted by the compounds you’re taking. Get me?

Ahhh…good point…on the whole muscle memory thing…I have been at 236lbs. two years ago (was doing a heavy androgen cycle). I was sitting at or around a whopping 18%… I had knee surgery last August which set me back a bit and now I have “leaned” up to where I am at. Wide…that totally makes sense. I am not bitchin about the weight by any means…but when you detail your traing, supps, food, and all the other s… we have to think about, it gets a little nerve racking when something simple as a 5lb increase to your frame happens…and it’s not supposed to…Maybe Superdrol helped to put the polish on the whole kabosh.

I guess I will have to see what I can maintain when dropping deca and starting winnie next week…(dropping superdrol too, of course) Lipid and liver levels should be lovely come June. Thanks for the eye opener Wide…and nice to meet you to, Bushie.

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P-gh is a gaba based product put out by universalkits originally and a few other companies (like ibe) are now carrying it. I’ve used the im version of it and there is now a topical version of it. It helped me sleep and to be honest I think it helped my nuts drop back down after a cycle (I didnt’ use any hcg and after a few days of being on it they where full swing again?). It’s supposed to have a GH kind of affect and seems to be getting more and more poplular with fairly little advertisisng so I’m beggining to wonder how well it works. Like growth it’s best taken for a longer period of time to see it’s true results, and when I took it I didn’t use it very regularly (took it like an asshole ie. shot here shot there). I did sleep well though.

How you like it so far?