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Gaining Weight Too Fast?

I have been bulking for 1 month, on a 5x5 program. I have gone from 164lbs to 172lbs in 4 weeks. I am drinking whole milk, pounding back steaks,chicken,ground beef, and eggs. I would say I am eating pretty clean just a lot of food. I have added 1/2 in to my waist so far.

I am skinny fat, and in the past when I have tried to gain weight I have given up 2-3 weeks in. I have some psychological issues with trying to bulk while still having a 36in waist, and I know I need to add muscle to balance it out, it’s just hard for me. I told myself I wouldn’t worry about what the scale said and I would only weight myself once a month. (I would gain like 3 lbs in 1 week and go to low calorie diet again)

Is this to much weight gain? Should I worry, or try to reach my goal of 185-190 before new years?

+8 lbs in 4 weeks is not ‘too fast’

If your serious about adding size, quit bitching and keep eating

Why would someone gain weight, only to turn around and fast later.
I would probably make you lose any of the weight you gained.
Maybe you have a good reason for fasting, in which case, gaining weight to fast could be a good idea.

On a more serious note (above I’m breaking your balls about the difference between to and too, if you didn’t get it), there could be a lot of reasons why you’ve gained 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks. Don’t get too worried about it, as long as you are eating a lot and relatively clean, keep doing what’s working.

With what you posted though, it looks like you could be eating too much saturated fat. Can’t really tell though if you don’t say how much and how often you’re eating.

Consistency, both with your training and eating right, will be most important in the long run for a beginner.

Look back on how your body is changing with what you’re doing, and you can adjust later.

Eating anything and everything doesn’t work for everyone to get bigger, some people need that line of thinking to gain weight.

Some kind of cardio thrown in won’t hurt either.

Edit: Damn it, you fixed your “too”.

Dude, you’re thinking about it way too much. If your goal is 185-190 just keep going for 185-190.

If you just started to try and ‘gain’ then it’s not crazy to see some larger gains in the first few weeks. But even without that, if you are eating tons and tons and are gaining 2lbs a week, that’s about right.

I know it’s hard to gain weight while watching the waist. I dealt with the same thing last winter when I went from 190-200lbs. My waist grew from 33 to 35.5 in that small weight gain. But sometimes the body has to make adjustments to handle changes.

If you really want to keep an eye on your weight/waist then you should keep an eye on your carb intake as well as your cardio.

Alright, guess I won’t worry about it and just keep eating and cut when I hit my goal weight.

could you post your diet… There are better ways to get extra calories while keeping it healthy… Like adding olive oil to your protein shakes to add calories… I personally don’t drink whole milk… I do though make protein shakes and add all natural PB or Olive oil to them to up the calories…

I would follow this…

worked real good for me.

My training partner added 10lbs of quality mass while only gaining maybe 5 lbs of fat by eating 100% clean foods…

One last thing I forgot…

How tall are you? A 36 inch waist may be bigger or smaller depending on your height… If your unhappy about the 36in waist then crank up the cardio and trim off the fat… I was 220lbs and 14% bf and had a 36 inch waist. So for someone 172 that might be pretty big… Do you have a big gut?? IF you have high bodyfat, most trainers on here will tell you to

  1. clean up the diet
  2. focus on getting lean before getting big

thats at least what I have read in most of the articles on this site… You have to be in decent shape to build quality mass… I personally would have my bodyfat measured… If its really high. I would first focus on training hard and getting the numbers down… Completely useless to eat tons of food and still have high bodyfat levels unless you want to be big and fat…

I am 5’9…here are some pics of me at 164lbs on Sept 16 2009. I haven’t done my monthly update photos yet. Hope this helps…

I think the typical skinny/fat would have a much flabbier gut. You don’t look skinny/fat at all IMO.

Don’t let it get to you if your gut starts looking like it’s pushing out or a little rounder at times. It just might be that you recently ate and you’re still digesting your food.

[quote]thing1 wrote:
I am 5’9…here are some pics of me at 164lbs on Sept 16 2009. I haven’t done my monthly update photos yet. Hope this helps…[/quote]

That side shot shows a terrible anterior shoulder roll. You need to work on posture and start rowing, general pulling, a lot more often than you press.

My post isn’t up yet.

But yes you are skinny fat.

Probably have poor insulin sensitivity, based on how soft you look. Look into carb cycling. A lot of people like the effects on appearance.

Do you take fish oil?

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
My post isn’t up yet.

But yes you are skinny fat.

Probably have poor insulin sensitivity, based on how soft you look. Look into carb cycling. A lot of people like the effects on appearance. [/quote]

You think he’s skinny fat? If he put on 20 pounds of muscle and 5 pounds of fat, I still wouldn’t think fat would be a word to describe him, and 25% of the weight he would have added would be fat.

What would be just plain skinny to you, without the fat?

I don’t think you’ve gone too fast, but then again I’ve gained 50 lbs since the beginning of the summer. Granted, a lot of that is jelly, but I’ve gained quite a bit of muscle. All I know is that I’ve never gained muscle and strength like this on my old “lean” diets, and from experience I know it’s quite easy for me to shed fat quickly when I chose to do so.

Its hard to tell what your bf % is by a photo… Try to get a skinfold test at your local gym… Either that or heydrostatic… Then you will know exactly how much muscle fat you have gained and where your bodyfat levels are at… Its definatly had to tell by a photo…

I personaly would crank up the cardio postworkout… Do at least 20-30 minutes of cardio after your normal lifting routine… You will be surprised how fast that gut will dissappear… Keep the diet the same, just incease the cardio by a couple of hours a week… the better your conditioning the easier it will be to train intensely and build maximum mass… I would not look at the scale unless you have a bodyfat % to go along with it because it doesn’t give you enough info…

Also, you might be pretty amped up to see that you bodyfat is pretty low… I kinda looks like your abs are coming in… But its hard to tell…


Also get a baseline bodyfat % with bodyweight (first measurement)

Remeasure every month (every 30 days)

modify diet and cardio to maximize muscle gains and minimize bodyfat depending on the numbers…

Then you will see if what your doing is truely working…