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Gaining Weight/Strength Back After Flu

I asked this in the nutrition section, but since our training is very different from most ill ask it here to.

I got VERY sick a week ago and over the course of 4 days i lost about went from 208 to 201.

i have been eating well for about 3 days now and am only back to 202. Im concerned im not bouncing back and I ligitimatly lost a lot of muscle.

has this happened to anyone before? how long did it take to get back to 100% of strength/weight once normal training resumed?

I wouldn’t worry bout it, just keep lifting and training and you’ll get back to normal. I’ve seen lifters hit PB’s with colds and flus.

You say you are eating well, but also make sure you are taking in plenty of fluids. If you lost 7 pounds in 4 days, just about all of that weight is water weight, as muscle and fat losses are not going to be that significant over 4 days. That being said, you should be back to your normal self soon enough.