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Gaining Weight Quickly on Sus250


First off i want to say that my main goal on cycle was to gain from 255 to 285 (30 lbs). For cycle details check

As far as diet, Im eating 200-250 grams of protein each day, I grill chicken for all my meals 3 days a week, and eat Lean ground beaf 3 days a week for my meals. For breakfast i eat a bowl of fiber one cereal and a large bowl of oatmeal (3 cups). I snack on fiber one bars and cottage cheese throughout the day. This is just a rough idea of what im eating.

My concern:

My cycle is 12 weeks long, Im 3 weeks and 2 days in. Ive have already gained from 254 to 270. at this pace in only 3 more weeks i will have reached and passed my goal of 285. Do you guys think its healthy to gain 30 lbs in only six weeks?

I was thinking maybe i should start doing some cardio every day for 30 min to an hour to maybe slow the process down so that it takes all 12 weeks to gain the 30 lbs i want. should this be a concern at all? Should i just get to 285 as soon as possible then do cardio everyday and cut more fat out to maintain weight but still gain strength. whats your thoughts.


Do you have any idea how many extra calories you are eating each day versus pre-cycle? If it's more than a couple hundred, you are probably just storing fat. If so, I would cut the fiber one bars to start, and keep the fats in your diet. You still need to be at a surplus to add mass, you can cut the excess fat after the cycle. Cutting back to maintenance now would nullify any gains you could make during the rest of the cycle.

Keep in mind, some (or possibly most) of the gain is probably water weight - a common thing during a test cycle. It's probably too soon to panic and cut calories drastically.


It's the Dbol mane. Your weight gain won't keep coming fast and furious like that after you drop it next week (I believe you were doing 4 weeks yeah?) I gained about a pound a day on my current cycle. After 5 weeks I was up 25 lbs and of course, it stopped there. Your fine.


Its water weight, get an AI and keep eating like a horse.