Gaining Weight on TRT

I am a little over 3 months on 100m trt cypionate weekly. Every other day protocol. Has anyone experienced weight gain after starting trt? I have gained in the neighborhood of 10-15lbs over the past few weeks with no real change to my calories.


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That’s not uncommon and I gained a bit as well. It’s water weight, though over time you’ll gain muscle mass as well if you’re working out. I had a good bit of edema water retention in my feet/ankles when I first started but that subsided after ~ 3 weeks. The remaining water retention is intracellular. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water (3 - 4 L / day not including what you consume working out) and maybe consider a diuretic.

Appreciate your input. Hoping this weight goes down soon. I hate the idea of moving up in pants size.

The question is what is making people retain water weight and why? I my self am having the same issue. Not sure if a diuretic would be such a good idea depending on what type of diuretic you use. Also if that’s the case would he have to consider now adding diuretics to his therapy moving forward?

Wake up early and do squats, then make sure to drink black coffee. Guaranteed to not retain water, but muscle growth will become evident.

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