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Gaining Weight, Not Lean Muscle

Hey guys.

I started loading the BT german creatine 2 weeks ago. I noticed almost instant results from day 3 of loading. However now that I’m further into my use of the creatine (5g a day) it seems as though I’m gaining a lot of weight, but not lean muscle.

I’m 6’00" 180. I started my training @ 150lbs 6 months ago. Thanks to help from everyone on this site I have been able to pack on 30lbs of mostly muscle in 6 months.

I’m currently on a 5000kcal diet at a 35-50-15 p/c/f macro. I’ve been on this diet for about 4 weeks. (2 weeks longer than the creatine).

I just wanted suggestions/thoughts on what might be wrong here? Or if this is a perfectly normal outcome for this kind of diet mixed with the micronized german creatine.

On a side not I talked to my Godfather the other day who was heavily into lifting when he was younger. I work on a stationary machine @ home.

Since it’s pretty limited I alternate between upper and lower body every other day (same routine, same muscle groups). He suggested that switching to free-weights might help me significantly in continuing to see results.

Sine i’ve heard that free-weights are the way to go from many other people as well. I was wondering if it’s worth it to buy a gym membership?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions.


Hey Rich,
Yep…time to graduate.
Get a gym membership immediately.
(Kinda odd that you’d be putting money toward supplements before a gym membership…but hey.
I digress.)

Just by doing that, being in that environment and having all the variety of equipment you will start to see big changes.

There will always be endless debate about machines vs freeweights, but the truth is they both have their place.

Although i will say that the biggest, strongest guys i have know over the years have used free weights pretty exclusively.

If i was bulking or trying to get big and strong, i would probably be using mostly freeweights.