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Gaining Weight/Mass

AI have been working out for years. I’m 33 now 6’6" 234 lbs. Played college football been on a ton of supplement and meal plan. Just still can not gain very much mass. I bench 375 now. Most I have ever done was 405. My sqaut is lower than my bench because I have a bad knee so I don’t put a lot of weight on when I do squats.

Just wondering if its time for me to jump on steroids or if anyones knows of other gnc supplements to gain mass from. B/c I just have a crazy high metabolism. Would like to get up to weighing 260-270.

Example of a day’s feeding and an indication of how closely you follow that over the course of a month?

If you do. Be sure to get some good advice, good gear. And by all means check in with a doctor you can trust. Always start small in dosages fresh receptors don’t need much to activate growth. Diet will be the key. My 2 cents.

Well my belief is if you’re on, your ‘on’ for life…

So at 33 I’d say your mature enough to do what you want and be prepared for the long haul

Start kcals at 4000 per day. Check your weight after a fortnight, if the scales haven’t changed at all, increase 150kcals per day per fortnight until they move, then wait until they stop and increase kcals 150 again. REPEAT.